I suppose I will need to wait a bit longer. See you soon, Father—when we meet to create the next world.

My world!

  — Hel (Comic 1016)  
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Hel is the Goddess of Death of the Northern Pantheon and is the daughter of Loki, while Thor is her uncle and Odin is her grandfather. Due to a bet arranged by Loki between her and Thor,[1] no living dwarves worship her,[2][3] and other than her High Priest and the brood of vampire clerics he converted from the Creed of the Stone, she has no clergy. The deal with Thor traded her ability to make clerics from among the living for dominion over all the souls of the dwarves, with the exception of those who die with honor. Thor told the dwarves of this arrangement, and they developed an honor culture which prevents most of them from going to Hel when they die.

Her first two appearances were mostly one-shot appearances dealing with her and Thor discussing the fate of a dwarf who died in an ambiguous fashion, though her further appearances are linked to her High Priest and their plan, which is to destroy the world and empower her with the souls of all the dwarves who would die dishonorably, allowing her to become the head goddess of the next world they would create. In the final strip of Blood Runs in the Family[4] she was shown giving instructions to her High Priest, who is inhabiting the body of the late Durkon Thundershield. She appeared at the Godsmoot through her proxy summoned by "Durkon", casting her vote and arguing with Heimdall and Loki about the voting procedures.

After the Northern Godsmoot was hung up waiting on the result of the dwarven Council of the Clans, "Durkon" abdicated the office of High Priest in favor of the new High Priestess of Hel.

Thrym, demigod lord of frost giants, voted with Hel at the Godsmoot, keeping his motives to himself. After his Clan of Frost Giants attempted to stop the Mechane from reaching Firmament, he revealed that his alliance with Hel was an attempt to become her consort.[5]

In response to Gontor Hammerfell's Gate scroll, Hel sent a nightcrawler to defend the Council of Elders chamber from the Order and their allies.[6]


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