Hobgoblins are a race of goblins, and their skin is orange instead of green. Due in part to their more martial culture, in the past some tended to pick on or harrass their tribal cousins. In comic #259, two hobgoblins named Kodrog the Slayer and Jim attempted to answer fanmail. In the same comic, we are shown that hobgoblin tongues are blue.

A team of hobgoblins settled The Southern Mountains but they accepted Redcloak as their leader.
Jirix is the most prominent Hobgoblin. He becomes Prime Minister of Gobbotopia in Comic 703.


A Goblin could become a honorary hobgoblin provided he could pass the trials.

  • Ritual of Manhood
  • Ritual of Public Spanking
  • Ritual of Uncomfortable Piercings in Private Places
  • Ritual of Doing the First Four (Three) Rituals Again, Only Slower and While Singing

One becomes the Supreme Leader simply by killing the present Leader. This process can allow one to skip the four rituals listed above.

Apparently, hobgoblins have a liking for gouda cheese, as noted in several comics.

In the aforementioned comic #259, we see that fangs hold varying-by-taste roles of importance in a hobgoblins' perception of attractiveness in the opposite sex.

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