Team Evil is ready to get some new minions, but Redcloak doesn't like what they are.

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Panel 1

Monster in the Darkness: Grumble grumble grumble
Xykon: Quit grumbling!
Monster in the Darkness: Mumble mumble mumble
Xykon: Better.
Redcloak: So, why the Southern Mountains, sir?
Xykon: I keep a back-up fortress here, just in case.

Panel 1

Xykon: You never know, you could be just relaxing in your den on a lazy Sunday afternoon, reading the paper, when suddenly BAM!
Xykon: A band of unlikely heroes puts aside their differences and evicts you from your own house.

Panel 3

They approach a wooden palisade fort manned by hobgoblins.
Xykon: Whoa! What the hell? This valley used to be abandoned like 30 years ago!
Demon-Roach: There goes the neighborhood.

Panel 4

Cut to the hobgoblin fort.
Redcloak (off-panel): Ugh. Looks like hobgoblins, sir. Hundreds of them.

Panel 5

Xykon: I have an idea.
Redcloak: Please don't recruit the hobgoblins, Lord Xykon.

Panel 6

Xykon: Hey, I need new minions, I'm down to my last goblin, and it's only a matter of time before you kick the bucket.
Redcloak: I love you too, sir.

Panel 7

Xykon: Besides, I would think you'd be happy to have more gobbo blood on the team.
Redcloak: Goblin, yes. Hobgoblin, no. They're disgusting, pompous jerks.

Panel 8

Flashback to a hobgoblin and a goblin. The hobgoblin has attacked a sign to the goblin's back which reads, "cleave me!".
Redcloak (inset): There's a long history of my people being bullied by the hobgoblins.

Panel 9

Redcloak: All efficiency, and warrior's codes, and sense of duty, with their military this and their discipline that, and—

Panel 10

Redcloak: —and I'm not helping my case at all, am I?
Xykon: It's official: Orange is the new green.
Demon-Roach: I'll inform Milan.

D&D Context Edit

  • D&D Hobgoblins are known for their ability to be efficient soldiers.
  • The note left on the back of the goblin says "cleave me" (instead of usual "kick me"), a reference to the Cleave Feat which is good when fighting multiple weaker enemies. Roy uses the Feat to good effect in #102.

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  • Milan is a city in Italy which is considered to be the fashion center of the world.
  • This strip came out five years prior to Piper Kerman's memoir, Orange Is the New Black.

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