Holes and Walls
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1157
Date published 1 March 2019
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"In All Fairness" "Gatespender"
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The Exarch lays out why exactly he's entitled to an evil cackle.

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Panel 1

Gontor: Take your seat in the Inner Chamber. Vote Yes on the main proposal, and follow any verbal instructions given to you by a vampire.
Matriarch: Yes, OK...
Gontor: Off you go.
Curly: Are you sure this is going to work? Seems like they should have defenses against this sort of thing.

Panel 2

Gontor: They do, but we are bypassing them—
Gontor: —thanks to the knowledge our dearly departed sire gave me.

Panel 3

Gontor (off-panel): The orange barrier at the foot of the stairs dispels all magic on anyone who passes through it.

Panel 4

Sandy: That's why we're not putting the mind whammy on them until they hit the stairs.
Gontor: It also physically prevents anyone but dwarves—or those of us walking around in dwarf bodies—from entering this Middle Chamber.

Panel 5

Gontor: The dwarves clearly believed they only needed to worry about influence from foreign sources, not from their own kind.
Gontor: Or maybe the ones who built this place wanted to quietly reserve the ability to tamper with the vote themselves.
Gontor: Who knows?

Panel 6

Curly: OK, so...what does the blue barrier here at the top of the stairs do, then?
Gontor: Ah. It is a thing of beauty, really.

Panel 7

Gontor: Within the boundaries of the blue barrier, anyone violating dwarven law is instantly turned to stone until the meeting is formally adjourned.
Curly: What?!? Doesn't that include what we're doing?

Panel 8

Gontor: Not if we limit ourselves to verbal orders once we're inside. The laws don't prohibit simply talking!
Gontor: But they do explicitly forbid attacking or using any spell or supernatural ability on any creature during a council meeting.

Panel 9

Gontor: Any spell—
Gontor: —including Dispel Magic!

Panel 10

Gontor: Even if Thor's people make it past our defenses, they will be powerless to break our control of the councilors inside the Inner Chamber.

Panel 11

Gontor: They will be forced to watch as our pawns usher in Hel's final victory!
Gontor: Bwee hee hee hee hee hee!

Panel 12

Sandy (whispering): The blue one also blocks sound, or else the evil cackles would be a total giveaway.

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  • The Exarch's line in Panel 2 indicates that the Vampire Dwarf With Blue Curly Hair has informed him about "Greg"'s destruction at Belkar's hands in "A Heartfelt Moment".
  • The magic barriers being colored orange and blue may seem like a reference to the video game Portal, but it is merely a coincidence.[1]
  • This is the first appearance of the two guards by the Council chamber door, with light brown and gray beards respectively.

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