Roy violates his lawful alignment in order to get the starmetal.

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Panel 1

A scene of the starmetal meteorite in the Wooden Forest. Roy is telling the party about what he learned from the Blacksmwith.
Roy (inset): ...and so, the starmetal sits somewhere in the forest, and we need to go get it.

Panel 2

Cut back to the party at the inn in the town near Redmountain Hills.
Haley: Sorry, Roy, I took the liberty of examining our original contracts while the rest of you were shopping.
Haley: They specify that we are obligated to continue working together until "Xykon is defeated, once and for all."
Haley: So if you want me to join you, you'll need to make it worth my while.

Panel 3

Roy: Well, that's absolutely true. I can't order any of you to come along, so I guess I'm asking for volunteers.

Panel 4

Vaarsuvius: Starmetal would make an excellent component in any number of magical items. I will go.
Durkon: Aye, an' I've got naught ta do in human lands until I'm called home, so sure, I'm in.

Panel 5

Elan: Oooo! Oooo! Pick me! Pick me!!
Roy: I'll take that to mean you wish to join us as well.

Panel 6

Roy: Belkar? C'mon, the team could use another warrior.
Belkar: Nope. I don't really give a crap about your dumb sword and I'm tired of your pointless rules, like "Don't kill Elan". Count me out.

Panel 7

Roy: That's too bad. I guess you won't get to test yourself against... uh...

Panel 8

Cut back to the starmetal meteorite. Two Hill Giants appear in front of the meteorite with a "POP! POP!"
Roy (inset): ...the giants. Yeah, uh, a bunch of really tough giants guard the starmetal. I forgot to mention that, but it's absolutely true.

Panel 9

Cut back to the inn.
Roy: That's OK, though, they're probably way too tough for you.
Belkar: Screw that! I'm in, and how dare you try to keep me off the team like that.
Haley: Smooth, Roy. Tricks like that might work on Belkar, but you'll really need to work to make me go for it.

Panel 10

Cut back to the starmetal meteor. Crowns and a sceptor appear on the giants, "POP! POP! POP!"
Roy (inset): They're, uh, king giants. Totally loaded, crowns and everything.

Panel 11

Haley: Really? Well, OK, then, I guess I'll go.
Roy: Whew. Natural 20 on an untrained Bluff check.

Panel 12

Elan: Wait, if they were king giants, wouldn't they have subjects to guard it for them?
Roy: Now is not the time to start being entirely reasonable, Elan. Just roll with it.

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  • Players roll a Skill Check to try and Bluff other characters. Rolling a 20 on the 20-sided die is referred to as an "Natural 20" and is generally an automatic success, even against Haley's Sense Motive ability.

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  • The answer to the title is, apparently, tricks and cajoling.

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