I'll Hold Them Off
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 472
Date published 3 July 2007
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"A Triumphant Return" "On the Waterfront"
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Daigo and Kazumi get names, and thus, become important.

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Panel 1

Elan (singing): Enact, enact, enact, enact the daring escape scene!
Kazumi: Look out! Hobgoblins!

Panel 2

Kazumi: Elan, catch up and protect Lord Hinjo!
Daigo: We’ll take care of these guys.
Elan: What? No!

Panel 3

Elan: Don’t you understand? Saying, “You go, I’ll hold them off,” is a death sentence, even for main characters! And you guys don’t have names!!

Panel 4

Daigo kills a hobgoblin.
Daigo: Lord Hinjo must escape safely!
Elan: But the nameless soldiers always die!
Kazumi: GO!!

Panel 5

Kazumi: That’s ridiculous anyway.
Daigo: What, that holding off the enemies while someone else escapes is an automatic death sentence? 
Kazumi: No, that we don’t have names.
Kazumi: I have a name.

Panel 6

Kazumi beheads a hobgoblin.
Kazumi: My name is Kazumi Kato!
Daigo: Right, and my name is—

Panel 7

Daigo is run through by a hobgoblin.
Daigo: URRGH!

Panel 8

Kazumi: No! You can’t… we still need to get that cup of…
Daigo: unnnnhhh…
Kazumi kills the hobgoblin with her katana.

Panel 9

Daigo lies dying.
Daigo: Kazumi… is a pretty name…
Kazumi: Thank you. What’s yours?
Daigo: …
Daigo: …
Daigo: Daigo.

Panel 10

Daigo seems much better.
Daigo: …
Daigo: Huh.

Panel 11

Daigo: I, uh… I think I’m OK now.
Kazumi: Wow. I guess having a name really DOES matter.

Panel 12

Kazumi: Do you have a last name?
Daigo: Yeah, but I think I should save it for an emergency.
Kazumi: Good idea.

D&D Context Edit

  • In D&D 3.5 terms, there was forum speculation that the characters may have been treated as pre-existing Warriors[1] (therefore members of an NPC class that generally has less Hit Points than a Fighter[2] of the same level) before receiving names, and were redesigned as Fighters by virtue of receiving names.

Trivia Edit

  • In this strip we learn the names of Kazumi and Daigo, who had already appeared in five strips thus far.
  • There is a strong hint that having a name makes Daigo (and implicitly Kazumi) more important characters and therefore less likely to die.

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References Edit

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