Belkar exacts his revenge for the explosive runes. Elan's prophesy is fulfilled.

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Panel 1

Roy and Elan are talking while Haley and Belkar sleep in their bedrolls.
Roy: C'mon, Elan, time for you to got to bed.
Elan: But I'm waiting for my happy ending!

Panel 2

Belkar wakes up.
Roy: Elan, you can't just stand around waiting for that prophecy. You have to go out and make it happen.
Elan: But the Oracle said—
Roy: Yeah, I know, but trust me on this: that happy ending of yours well be lot more satisfying when you end up earning it on your own.

Panel 3

Belkar gets out of bed. He whistles.

Panel 4

Belkar approaches a hovering, meditating Vaarsuvius.

Panel 5

Belkar rotates Vaarsuvius.

Panel 6

Belkar leaves Vaarsuvius upside down.

Panel 7

Belkar returns with a stepladder and a container labeled "Killer Hornets".

Panel 8

Belkar places the Hornets upon V's feet.

Panel 9

Belkar leaves stage right.

Panel 10

Belkar approaches Roy and Elan with the stepladder.
Belkar: Hey Roy, good advice. It turns out that it actually IS more satisfying to make a prophecy come true yourself!

Panel 11

Roy: You know, that would have been a lot less ominous if he wasn't carrying a stepladder...
Belkar: Oh, and Elan, do me a favor and blow on this whistle really hard in, say, three minutes.
Elan: A whistle! I really DID get a happy ending!!

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  • Belkar is still feuding with Vaarsuvius over the Explosive Runes V cast and left for Belkar in #317 and #318. V began casting the runes in retaliation for Belkar's New Years kiss in #316. Roy got them to supposedly bury the hatchet in #323.

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