Thrym pleads with Hel to gain her affections, while Hel reveals a new threat to the Order.

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Panel 1

Thrym: Aww, c'mon, Helsy. Don't be mad.
Hel: Are you still here?
Thrym: I think they did pretty good!
Hel: They didn't stop the ship! They didn't kill even one of the heroes!
Thrym: But they gave it an honest try. I think that's what's really important.
Hel: I strongly disagree.

Panel 2

Hel: Since those were your best clerics—other than the half-breed that's stuck at the Godsmoot—your usefulness to me has severely plummeted, Thrym.

Panel 3

Thrym: Is that all I am to you? A resource to be used in your scheme?
Hel: Yes! And I explicitly told you that from the start!
Thrym: Yeah, but I didn't think you meant it.

Panel 4

Hel: Luckily, your incompetent frost giants aren't my only tool in the mortal realm. I am also the goddess of disease.
Hel: And little do they realize that the halfling's cat contracted deadly Sphinx Pox back in the desert.

Panel 5

Hel: Thanks to my unholy power, every man and woman on that ship is now infected. First, they will start spouting riddles, then their brains will bleed until they DIE!

Panel 6

Beat. Hel stares into a pool of water which shows the Mechane flying through the sky.

Panel 7


Panel 8

Death Giant: My queen, that virus has an incubation period of five weeks.
Hel: If it loved me, it would replicate faster!!

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  • The Sphinx Pox's five week incubation period made it a possible candidate for the cause of Belkar's prophesied death. Hel states that Mr. Scruffy contracted the virus in the desert. The party first arrived in the desert of the Western Continent on day 360 of the comic timeline and left on day 381. This comic takes place on day 387. Thus 1-4 weeks have passed since Mr. Scruffy contracted the Sphinx Pox. Further, Roy knows the Oracle's prophesy that Belkar will die before the next Southern New Year, and stated that would happen seven weeks from comic #666, on day 358, giving Belkar about three weeks left to live. Thus the virus would have taken hold in 1-4 weeks, with Belkar dying in 3 weeks time. However, the events of #1188 overtook this theory.
  • This is the latest appearance of Hel's death giant servant. He first appeared in #946.

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