Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission
"Blood War, Huh, Who Is It Good For?" [1]


Lee, Nero, and Cedrik


Sabine, Qarr



The Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission, abbreviated IFCC, works towards cooperation between fiends to further their collective ends.

The commission is headed by Directors Lee, Nero, and Cedrik. The stated goals of the commission are to unite the 3 fiendish races and to tilt the cosmic balance of Good and Evil in Evil's favor.

They gave the Soul Splice to Vaarsuvius so they could get more support from the 'Lower Downs' (instead of Higher Ups, because they are Fiends), and to show three Archfiends from different races can work together.

Their long term aim is to unite the three fiendish races to storm the Upper Planes to kill any good aligned beings, and to later gather around great dispensers of the blood of angels to discuss the previous evening's televised entertainment.

As explained by Sabine, despite the heads of the IFCC being of different, if still evil, alignments, they've shown no apparent signs of treachery toward one another, and seem to actually get along. Nero keeps the trio united and working together, Director Lee sets up the traps and Cedrik springs them when he feel likes it, which Sabine describes as "scary effective."[2]

Known employees of the IFCC are Sabine[3] and Qarr. Qarr was initially unaware of the IFCC until he submitted an application letter to the Lower Planes on Vaarsuvius' behalf, allowing the directors to appear and tempt Vaarsuvius with their Soul Splice. They had watched V for a while so they knew, for example, where Durkon was, and that he had a Resurrect spell prepared.


  • IFCC also stands for the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, which is an organization which aims to be the leading organization in the field of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine worldwide. The goal of the organization is to enhance the scientific level and the quality of diagnosis and therapy for patients. How the two are related, one can only speculate.
  • The first two letters of each of their names corresponds to their specific alignment. Lee is Lawful Evil, Nero is Neutral Evil, and Cedrik is Chaotic Evil.

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Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission
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