The Order ventures out of the temple of Thor and into the the tunnels of Firmament. Minrah vows vengeance for the death of Brother Sandstone.

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Panel 1

The view is focused on the front doors of the Temple of Thor.

Panel 2

The door swings open, and Vaarsuvius and Blackwing, both using the See Invisibility spell, peer out.

Panel 3

Vaarsuvius: I see no vampires, Sir Greenhilt, invisible or otherwise.

Panel 4

Roy: Good. They probably got tired of banging on the door and went off whatever it is they're going to try to do, exactly.
Vaarsuvius: I will keep my See Invisibility spell active for as long as it persists.

Panel 5

Roy: Belkar, can you track the vampires that left?
Belkar: Yeah, I don't think it will be a problem.

Panel 6

Belkar: On one hand, they could've just vaped away and not left any tracks.
Belkar: But on the other hand—

Panel 7

A zoomed out view reveals the corpses of the dwarves that died protecting the gate of the temple.
Belkar: —they left their food wrappers all over the place.
Minrah: *gasp!*

Panel 8

Minrah: Damn them!
Belkar: Wow, she really does not like litterbugs.

Panel 9

Minrah is now kneeling next to the corpse of Brother Sandstone.
Minrah: Oh, Brother Sandstone!
Minrah: Save a seat for me in Valhalla, for I will avenge you!

Panel 10

Minrah: Before I need the seat, obviously!
Minrah: The seat is for later!

Panel 11

Minrah: I guess my point is, I'll eventually need the seat after some other unrelated battle, and I'd appreciate it if it was still available when I got there, in return for me doing the avenging thing for you now!
Elan: And you were worried she wouldn't fit in.

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  • See Invisibility is a 2nd level wizard spell which allows the caster to see invisible objects and creatures. It lasts ten minutes per level, so Vaarsuvius, at Level 16, will have it last for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

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  • This is the final appearance of two of the three dwarf defenders who first appeared in #1084.
  • This is the first appearance of the Dwarf Defenders with gray hair and brown hair and the dwarf woman with the teal shirt.

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