Trigak is ultimately defeated. Roy shares with us his take on Eugene's prophecy.

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Panel 1

Trigak's Dragon Head: Fly Away!
Trigak's Lion Head: I'm not comfortable being grappled there!
Trigak's Goat Head: You may have won this round, Order of the Stick, but we swear our revenge on you! When you least expect—!

Panel 2

Trigak's Dragon Head: GAK!
Trigak's Lion Head: GAK!
Trigak's Goat Head: GAK!

Panel 3

Trigak falls to the ground, "WOOMPH!", with Belkar on his back stabbing him. He hits the ground dead, with a "SPLAT!"

Panel 4

Belkar: Oh yeah! Who da halfling? I'm da halfling!
Haley (angrily): Belkar! He was supposed to get away!

Panel 5

Belkar (confused): What you talkin' bout, Haley?
Haley: Duh! He was obviously supposed to be a recurring villain!

Panel 6

Haley: I mean, he had a name! And he was in the middle of swearing to get us and our little dog, too. It's pretty clear he was going to come back.

Panel 7

Roy: Hmmm...A goat head. Kind of.
Vaarsuvius: Excuse me?
Belkar: Well...this way we get XP from him.
Haley: Hellooo! We defeated him, we would have gotten XP anyway!

Panel 8

Roy: "When the goat turns red, strike true." That's what my Dad said.
Vaarsuvius: Hmm. The goat did become angry—"turned red" to use the vernacular—and then Belkar indeed struck true.

Panel 9

Roy: Ughh, if that's it, that's the most lame-ass prophecy in the long history of lame-ass prophecies.
Belkar: Umm, maybe he'll come back as a vampire or something.
Haley: No, no. Too late. We won't see him again.

Panel 10

Close-up of Trigak three dead heads.
Elan (off-panel): Or will they?
Elan (off-panel): dun dun DUN!!!♪♪

Panel 11

Roy: Elan! Stop doing dramatic musical cues for the dead chimera!
Elan: Sorry.

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  • Trigak reveals his prophetic name, by having its three heads yell out "GAK!" together.
  • "What you talkin' about, Haley?" is possibly a reference to "Wha'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?", Arnold's catch phrase from Diff'rent Strokes.
  • "And our little dog, too" is a reference to the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz.

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