20px-Cquote1.png My friends, our god has given me a task. No, he's given us ALL a task. We are going to build this nation into the most prosperous, most secure country on the face of the planet. 20px-Cquote2.png
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Year 1184

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Jirix is a hobgoblin cleric in the army of Redcloak. He is the Prime Minister and head of state of Gobbotopia.


War and XPsEdit

Initially appearing as an undistinguished cleric, Jirix was with Redcloak when he approached the throne room at the culmination of the Battle of Azure City. Believing Xykon to be in control, Redcloak ordered him to seal the exits. However, he was quickly summoned to help in the fight against the oath-spirits of the Sapphire Guard.

Redcloak discovered he could use his Rebuke Undead ability to turn the oath-spirits, as they were positive energy beings. However, Jirix was not high enough level to turn the paladins.[2]

Jirix was decapitated by a kick from the fallen paladin Miko Miyazaki shortly thereafter while guarding the entrance.[3] He was apparently resurrected sometime after this.

Don't Split the PartyEdit

Newly promoted, Jirix enjoyed watching O-Chul struggling to survive various dangers and trials they put him in, betting on the outcome with Xykon. He was tasked by Redcloak with devising various methods of torture in order to extract information from the paladin.[4]

Redcloak groomed Jirix to be loyal to him, not to Xykon, giving him insight into the various factions operating within the ostensibly unified Team Evil.[5]

When O-Chul escaped, he impaled Jirix with a bar from his cage.[6] Xykon later ordered Redcloak to raise him.[7]

Blood Runs in the FamilyEdit

With Team Evil focused on taking control of Girard's Gate, Redcloak stepped down as Supreme Leader of the goblins. In his stead he elevated Jirix to Prime Minister of Gobbotopia. Redcloak promised that his mission would secure the future of the goblin nation.

Jirix gave a major speech to the people of Gobbotopia upon taking command. In it he detailed (in crayon style) his experience during his second death. According to Jirix, when he died he saw the army of the Dark One, the army in which Goblinoids serve once they die. He also informed Redcloak, that the Dark One have a message for him, which was (as theological revelations go) quite direct. He also attempted a lighter style in his speech; he often made jokes, because "A legitimate peacetime leader should seem relaxed," as he put it.

Jirix took de facto control of Gobbotopia when Team Evil left for the Astral Plane.

Current ActvitiesEdit

Jirix is presumed to be currently residing in Xykon's Tower and administering the affairs of Gobbotopia while Team Evil has been investigating Kraagor's Gate.

Early AppearancesEdit

In Jirix's early appearances in the throne room during the Battle of Azure City, he is drawn differently than in all his subsequent appearances. He is also never named in those strips. However, Rich Burlew notes in his comments in Don't Split the Party that it was his intention that this cleric was in fact Jirix. This means that Jirix was resurrected twice.


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