Why should I care how many people I have to kill? I can just make MORE in my TUMMY!
  — Kazumi Kato (Comic 587)  
Kazumi Kato
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Azure City

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Neutral Good[1]

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Lord Hinjo

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Daigo Da- (husband)
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Kazumi Kato is an Azure City soldier who fight alongside the Order of the Stick during the battle of Azure City. She and Daigo meet each other when they become trapped in a tower with the Order, at which time Kazumi asks Daigo out on a date should they both survive the battle.

While they were originally unnamed and undifferentiated members of the Azure City army, they reveal their names to each other in order to dodge the fate of all nameless redshirts (that is, to be killed horribly while the main characters survive), although Daigo's last name is still unknown as he is "saving it for an emergency". They then escape the city aboard Lord Hinjo's junk.


Marriage of Kazumi and Daigo

During their time in exile, Kazumi and Daigo fall in love and conceive a child, leading them to ask Durkon to officiate at their wedding. Hinjo rewards their service with a noble title, forming House Kato.

Daimyo Kubota marked them for assassination as part of his plan to seize control of Azure City, hoping to remove their votes from the council of nobles who would choose the leader following Hinjo's death. Kazumi, though six months pregnant, was able to fight off the majority of the assassins and survived thanks to the intervention of Elan and Therkla.

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