King of Indecision
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1016
Date published 18 December 2015
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Dvalin refuses to cast the tie-breaking vote without consulting the Council of Clans.

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Panel 1

Veldrina: So, wait... Hermod was only the sixth vote. Who's left?
High Priestess of Freya: Dvalin.
High Priest of Freyr: What? No!
Representative of the Southern Pantheon: Why? What's wrong with Dvalin? Is he an ally of Hel's?
High Priest of Mani: Not at all, but... well, you'll see.

Panel 2

Odin: Dvalin, First King of the Dwarves—you are the last of the Northern Gods remaining. How do you vote?
Dvalin: Lord Odin, I have no desire to see my people condemned to Hel's care.

Panel 3

Dvalin: However, I cannot vote at this time. I must consult the dwarven Council of Clans before coming to any decision.

Panel 4

Roy: You've got to be kidding me!! Now the tiebreaker needs a tiebreaker?!?
"Durkon": I'm told he's never cast his vote without polling them first.

Panel 5

Thor: King Davlin [sic], please! You can end this right now!
Dvalin: When I was a mortal monarch, I swore an oath to obey the will of the Council on issues affecting all the clans.
Dvalin: That promise still stands despite my subsequent death and deification.

Panel 6

High Priestess of Odin: Then this convocation shall pause while the clans are assembled and polled. Let the proxies be dismissed until such time.

Panel 7

Hel: I suppose I will need to wait a bit longer. See you soon, Father—when we meet to create the next world.
Hel: My world!
Loki: Yeah, yeah.
High Priestess of Odin: Let all who have a formal role remain sequestrated here, so as to not influence the outcome.
High Priestess of Odin: No attendee shall pass through this hall's arches until this issue is resolved!

Panel 8

Veldrina: What is she saying? Is she saying we all have to stay here? For how long?
High Priestess of Freya: Until the heads of the dwarven clans can assemble their council and vote.
High Priest of Freyr: Last time this happened, it took two days.
High Priest of Mani: I bring snacks now, just in case.

Panel 9

Gontor Hammerfell's mist form sneaks into the antilife shell behind Roy.
Roy: Ok... well... that's not... too bad, I guess.
Roy: He can't have prepared this spell enough times to hide in there for two days.
Roy: And even if he did, if standing there is what it takes to keep the world from blowing up...

Panel 10

Roy: Because let's be honest, there's no way a bunch of dwarven bigwigs vote to hand over their race to Hel, right?
Gontor Hammerfell: Master! I brought the teleport orb so we can escape and dominate all the dwarven elders!
"Durkon": I should be mad at you for spilling that, but your timing there was just so perfect.

Trivia Edit

  • The title could be an oblique reference to the song King of Wishful Thinking from the soundtrack of the 1990 film Pretty Woman. The song peaked a #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  • Alternatively, it could be a more obscure reference to the song Concrete by Tennessee indie rock band, The Features, the first line of which is, "I am the king of indecision".
  • This is the only appearance of Dvalin, demigod first king of the dwarves. The name comes from Norse mythology, where the name means "the sleeping one". In J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium, Dwalin is one of the dwarves in The Hobbit, and the legendary first king of the dwarves was named Durin. In the Hervarar saga, Dvalin and Durin forge the magic sword Tyrfing.
  • In panel 5, Dvalin is misspelled as “Davlin”.

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