Leaving Azure City
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 482
Date published 16 August 2007
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"Cutting the Cord" "Broken Stick"
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Elan grapples with the fact that they have left Haley behind.

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Panel 1

Hinjo's junk speeds away from Gobbotopia followed by Lien and Razor.
Hinjo: AXE! What in the name of the Twelve Gods are you doing?!?
Captain Axe: I’m doing my duty, Lord Hinjo. I’m getting you to safety.
Hinjo: My orders—

Panel 2

Captain Axe: Your orders were likely to result in your death. And that not something I can allow, not if I have the means to stop it. Your people need you.
Captain Axe: Especially the 400+ civilians aboard this junk. Unless their lives don’t mean a anything…

Panel 3

Elan: Hey, does it seem like we’re moving to anyone else?
Elan: Because it really seems like we’re moving to me…

Panel 4

Elan: And if we are moving, maybe we could try moving in the other direction? Back to the dock?
Hinjo: *sigh*
Hinjo: We’re not turning around, Elan.
Elan: What? Why not??

Panel 5

Hinjo: Because we got away safely. Elan, holding the ship at the dock while we waited for Haley was already too risky.
Hinjo: I can’t, in good conscience, risk the lives of these poor people any further by turning this boat around back into a war zone.
Hinjo: It’s too dangerous.

Panel 6

Hinjo: Tomorrow we’ll contact Haley using magic and arrange a rendezvous somewhere away from the city.
Elan: But what if she gets killed tonight?!?
Hinjo: I’m sorry, Elan. We’ll try our best to find her as long as we can do it without endangering innocents.

Panel 7

Elan: Well, your best isn’t good enough! I’m swimming back and finding her now!!
Durkon: Elan, don’t ye dare!

Panel 8

Durkon: Lad, if ye go back now, tha goblin’ll kill ye dead as easy as ‘e breathes.
Durkon: Do ye think tha’s wha Haley wants? Ta meet up wit us tom’rrow an’ have me tell ‘er, “Och, sorry, Elan’s dead, too.”

Panel 9

Durkon: Haley’s a trooper, she’s more capable of survivin’ in tha city fer 24 hours than ye are for 24 rounds, fancy shmancy prestige class na withstandin’.
Durkon: She ain’t some damsel in distress, she’s a high-level adventurer an’ our current leader. So sit yer ass down an’ help us get these people somewhere safe.

Panel 10

Elan: I guess… I guess you’re right. Haley is tough…
Durkon: Aye, lad.
Kazumi: Plus, don’t forget that she does have Belkar with her.

Panel 11


Panel 12

Durkon, V, and Hinjo hold Elan back from jumping off the stern.
Elan: Let me go! I need to protect Haley!
Durkon: I cannae let ye do it, lad!!

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  • 24 rounds is 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

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