Roy explains his lie to Belkar, but Belkar doesn't remember it.

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Panel 1

Vaarsuvius is hiding from Blackwing at Roy's feet.
Vaarsuvius: Aha! I have sought shelter within the reach of my fine fighter friend, you foul feathered fool. Begone!
Belkar: Hey, Roy, are we almost there yet? I'm getting bored, and this marsh feels gross on my feet.

Panel 2

Roy: Um, yeah, well, see there's something I need to tell you about this side quest before we get to the end.
Roy: It turns out there are no giants guarding the starmetal.

Panel 3

Beat. Belkar stares blankly at Roy.

Panel 4

Belkar: Come again?
Roy: There are no giants.

Panel 5

Belkar: What giants?
Roy: The giants guarding the starmetal.
Belkar: What about them?
Roy: They don't exist.
Belkar: Huh??

Panel 6

Roy: I'm saying there are no giants guarding the starmetal.
Belkar: Oooookay. Why would there be, exactly?
Roy: Because I said there were. Back in town.

Panel 7

Belkar: Said there were what?
Roy: Giants. Guarding the starmetal.
Belkar: What about them?

Panel 8

Roy: Oh for the love of the gods!
Roy: Look, I lied to you back in town. I told you a story about giants in order to get you to come along on this side quest. You fell for it, and now I am trying to tell you that yes, sorry, I was lying.

Panel 9

Beat. Belkar stares blankly at Roy.
Belkar: Sorry, I'm not buying it, Roy.
Roy: What??

Panel 10

Belkar: I'm saying that I don't believe this whole "I told you a lie about giants" thing. I think I would remember something like that, but I don't.

Panel 11

Roy: Why would you possibly not believe me?
Belkar: Well, you're an admitted liar, for starters.

Panel 12

Roy: But—I—if you—
Belkar: Sorry, Roy, I just don't trust you enough to believe that you lied.

Panel 13

Vaarsuvius: Give in to your anger, young Greenhilt. Strike him down and take your place by my side!

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