Legislative inefficiency at the Council of Clans is the order of the day.

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Panel 1

Elan: So, uh, if Durkon and a bunch of other dwarves got inside safely, do we still need to fight the giant worm?
Roy: Don't know, but it just ate a guy. We're taking it out before someone else gets hurt.
Roy slashes the worm again.

Panel 2

Roy: As far as what happens inside that chamber, that'll be up to Durkon. And the elders themselves, I suppose—

Panel 3

Cut to the Council of Clans chamber.
Lord Speaker: I hereby call this meeting of the Council of Clans to order.

Panel 4

Lord Speaker: Before King Dvalin's cleric channels him and he reveals the question that is being bosed to us this day for judgement—
Lord Speaker: —do we have any other motions to consider?

Panel 5

Clan Cobalt Elder: Yes, Lord Speaker.
Clan Cobalt Elder: Clan Cobalt moves that this entire assembly be postponed until a later date, and the quesiton under consideration be revisited at a later time.

Panel 6

Lord Speaker: Hmmph. On what grounds do you make such a sweeping request?
Clan Cobalt Elder: I make this motion on the grounds that slightly more than half of this council is currently being dominated by a vampire.

Panel 7

Beat. The other side of the table is shown; all of the Elders have swirly eyes.

Panel 8

Clan Elder with Gray Beard: A troubling accusation.
Clan Elder with Monocle: Indeed, indeed.
Clan Elder with Gray Bun: Disturbing if true.

Panel 9

Vampire Dwarf with Blue Curly Hair (whispering): whisper whisper whisper
Clan Whiterock Elder: Clan Whiterock moves that this scurrilous attack on our good character be the subject of a full investigation.

Panel 10

Clan Whiterock Elder: We pledge to cooperate fully with the appointment of an inquisitor to look into this allegation, immediately following today's vote.
Clan Ironthumb Elder: Clan Ironthumb seconds this motion.

Panel 11

Clan Elder with Monocle: Well, now, that seems like a fine compromise!
Clan Elder with Gray Bun: Yes, we'll get to the bottom of this in due course.
Clan Cobalt Elder: I, for one, look forward to the possibility of being proven wrong.

Panel 12

Cut back to outside the Council building.
Roy: —but I'm sure they'll do the right thing, when presented with the facts.

D&D ContextEdit

  • The vampires have used their dominate gaze to control many of the Council of Clan Elders.


  • The runes one the wall in panel three are in the Dwarf Spirits font by Blambot, as all the previous dwarven writing has been. It reads "[F]OLLOW THE LAW". (The first letter is obscured by the speech bubble.) This is a reminder of the effects of the blue force field, which cases any dwarf who breaks the law inside the chamber to be turned to stone.
  • We learn the clan name of the Whiterock Elder in this strip.
  • This is the first appearance of all of the clan elders and the priestess of Dvalin with the exception of the Clan Whiterock Elder.

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