The Linear Guild decides to get a new wizard

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Panel 1

An inn in the bustling and anachronistically modern city of Cliffport.
Nale (off-panel): This is great.
Nale (off-panel): No, really, fantastic!

Panel 2

Nale: We have been searching up and down one of the biggest cities in the world for WEEKS, and we still haven't found a replacement wizard for the Linear Guild.
Sabine: Are you sure we need one? The new members we already recruited are pretty strong...

Panel 3

Nale: Sabine, honey, I've already invested a lot of time and energy into this "Evil Opposites" theme, I'm not about to rock the boat now.
Nale: We need a wizard or sorcerer or something to square off against the elf chick that follows my idiot brother Elan.

Panel 4

Sabine: Well, then I still say we should try that magic school up on the hill.
Sabine: They must have hundreds of apprentices, I bet some of them are really evil.

Panel 5

Nale: Helloooo? "Evil Opposite" theme? I'm not seeing it!
Nale: This goatee isn't just for show, you know!
Sabine: Well...

Panel 6

Sabine: The elf dude is old and highly skilled at magic... and an apprentice would be young and barely competent!
Sabine: So they're opposites!

Panel 7

Nale: Fascinating, Sabine. So now we're skillfully combatting[sic] their prowess with our ineptitude.
Nale: Explain to me how that could possibly be a good idea. Without using the phrase, "false sense of security."

Panel 8

Sabine: Basically, because we're desperate.
Sabine: We need to get this show on the road, fast.
Nale: Oh really? Please explain why we're suddenly in such a hurry.

Panel 9

Sabine: Four words:
Sabine: Out of fudge ripple.

Panel 10

The panel pulls back to reveal Thog surrounded by empty ice cream dishes.
Thog: oh, little ice cream friends! thog delays boredom-driven rampage only for you!

Panel 11

Nale: So... a wizard school, you say? Lead on, woman!
Sabine: Every day I pray to my dark fiendish overlords that he doesn't learn that we're out of sprinkles.

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  • This is the first appearance of the Linear Guild since the town near the Redmountain Hills in #142.
  • Thog revealed in #51 that he likes ice cream with sprinkles. This is the second of his pleasures revealed in that strip he has indulged.
  • The discussion thread for this strip in the forums does not exist, likely lost in the purge of the old system.

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