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No. Title Summary Publish Date
947 Keep in Mind Durkon remembers his childhood. 31 March 2014
948 Behind the Eyes Durkon fights against his vampire spirit, and the Mechane fights against the elements. 7 April 2014
949 Method Doctor The storm damages the Mechane's controls and injures Felix. Elan jumps into the role as the party's backup healer. 17 April 2014
950 Spell It Out With a fire aboard the Mechane, Vaarsuvius steps in. 24 April 2014
951 Helping Hand Bandana and the Order deal with the damage to the Mechane. 5 May 2014
952 Weather or Not The crew of the Mechane starts to wonder why having a cleric of Thor isn't helping them in the lightning department. 19 May 2014
953 High Pressure Front "Durkon" weasels his way out of suspicion that he is not the real Durkon. 26 May 2014
954 Contractual Riders on the Storm Hopes of exposing the High Priest are proven premature. 3 June 2014
955 Strike Two Vaarsuvius runs blocking against the weather. 12 June 2014
956 Moving On Roy holds the line as everyone else is just fine without him. 28 June 2014
957 Takes One to Know One Belkar is on to "Durkon"'s con, so the vampire elects to use his weak will to eliminate him as a problem. 4 July 2014
958 This Sucks Elan donates blood to "Durkon", and Durkon remembers happier times in his youth. 22 July 2014
959 It Was Not Haley and Bandana discuss Haley's new costume for the northern climes. 25 July 2014
960 Collision Testing Belkar gets a new psionic dagger. 13 August 2014
961 Hearing is Believing Roy almost discovers "Durkon"'s true deity, were it not for his confusing devotional chant. 29 August 2014
962 Just Think How Many Times He's Seen Himself Naked Durkon argues with his spiritual captor about the necessity of holding him. 11 September 2014
963 Internal Struggles Durkon learns about the limits of the High Priest's power. 26 September 2014
964 Needs More Gears Though The Mechane lands in gnome territory for repairs. 14 October 2014
965 The Bargain Hunter Haley saves the Mechane with inexplicable powers of persuasion. 20 October 2014
966 About Town The party (and Bandana) split in various groups to pursue specific goals in Tinkertown. 24 October 2014
967 Craft Wondrous Bauble Blackwing has a new bracelet made from Laurin Shattersmith's Ioun stone. 10 November 2014
968 Next Week They're Getting Drab Roy and "Durkon" seek help at a shrine in Tinkertown. 20 November 2014
969 It's Only His SECOND Favorite Cuisine Belkar acquires protective items and surprises himself. 1 December 2014
970 Wandering Eyes Haley, Elan, and Bandana go wand shopping. 18 December 2014
971 Blast from the Past Crystal returns with a vengeance. 27 December 2014
972 She Might Even Be a Bit Ahead Haley and Bandana have to face the wrath of Crystal, now a self-aware flesh golem. 12 January 2015
973 Try, Try Again Haley and Bandana fight a the Crysal golem, but find their attacks are not effective. 22 January 2015
974 Except, You Know, That Bozok and Grubwiggler discuss the past. 2 February 2015
975 Up in the Air Haley's plan is thwarted. 12 February 2015
976 Hard Sell Haley makes a couple of last minute purchases. 23 February 2015
977 Zap The town watch makes a serious miscalculation. 10 March 2015
978 Rage Against the Lightning of the Dead Today's lesson: Don't poke the bear. 19 March 2015
979 Fault Lines Haley offers a different perspective. 28 March 2015
980 Breaking Up Crystal presents Bozok with a list of grievances. 17 April 2015
981 Followers Follow Haley resolves the situation with delicious results. 27 April 2015
982 Respirate in Peace Roy's and Durkon's search continues. 4 May 2015
983 A Healer's Reason Durkon remembers why he became a cleric. 6 May 2015
984 Hence the Fence "Durkon" asks the head cleric about powerful clerics passing through. 11 May 2015
985 Down the Winding Path An acolyte tells "Durkon" and Roy about traveling groups with powerful clerics. 13 May 2015
986 Inn Doubt Roy and "Durkon" meet Veldrina and Wrecan. 18 May 2015
987 The Soul of Discretion Veldrina outlines the "secret" mission. 21 May 2015
988 Much Less Swordfighting Felix buys winter clothes. 27 May 2015
989 Stares and Stripes Forever Roy shows off his past psychic powers. Is Little Whiskers a tiger or a big pussy? 2 June 2015
990 Critiquing Suspicion Roy and V discuss Durkon. 12 June 2015
991 A Sergeant and a Sapper Thirden reluctantly tells young Durkon about his parents' past. 22 June 2015
992 Peak Condition The Order of the Stick reaches Zenith Peak. 29 June 2015
993 Moots and Ladders Roy learns about protocol for Moots. 8 July 2015
994 Invitation Only I Can't Believe Its Not Durkon gains entry to the Godsmoot. 20 July 2015
995 Welcome to the Church Gontor Hammerfell pays the price for being too trusting. 30 July 2015
996 Silencing Descent Belkar fights the High Priest of Hel. 6 August 2015
997 Plan B Roy and Wrecan find out the purpose of the Godsmoot. 10 August 2015
998 Three Sides to Every Story Heimdall and Loki speak their minds. 13 August 2015
999 The Vote in Gods' Aye The Gods cast their votes. 20 August 2015
1000 Hel Polls for Thee "Durkon" reveals his Goddess, and votes. Roy does not take the news well. 28 August 2015
1001 Will Save the Day Should Roy fight or talk? Decisions, decisions. 31 August 2015
1002 Mutually Assured Observation Bystanders decide to keep standing by. 3 September 2015
1003 An Attack on Two Levels Roy disrupts a spell being cast. 8 September 2015
1004 Climbing Tensions The fight moves up a level. 11 September 2015
1005 Completely Mist the Point Roy finds it difficult to fight "Durkon" after he assumes gaseous form. 15 September 2015
1006 Uninterrupted Torment More fighting and more talking. 21 September 2015
1007 Your Worst Durkon is presented with an uncomfortable truth. 30 September 2015
1008 Not to Scale Roy comments on the size of Durkon's legs. 8 October 2015
1009 Giving Up Hope The penny drops. 19 October 2015
1010 Green Means Go Green fury. 27 October 2015
1011 Red Means Stop Everybody loves cake! 6 November 2015
1012 Yellow Means Caution They must have worked out there was no cake. 16 November 2015
1013 Little Empathy The Exarch, now a vampire, wants to steal V's teleportation orb. He'll have to deal with the Mechane's menagerie first. 24 November 2015
1014 Aw, Rats! The Mechane has a small infestation problem. 2 December 2015
1015 Climb Every Mountain Belkar climbs up a mountain, planning a speech for when he gets inside the temple, when his path is suddenly blocked by a vampire. 14 December 2015
1016 King of Indecision Dvalin refuses to cast the tie-breaking vote without consulting the Council of Clans. 18 December 2015
1017 Personnel Changes "Durkon" abdicates his office as High Priest of Hel. 4 January 2016
1018 Or Perhaps Punch All Hel breaks loose in the Great Nave as the Creed of the Stone vampires attack Roy and the High Priests get off the sidelines. 11 January 2016
1019 Withdrawn Roy makes a last desperate attempt to thwart "Durkon", but the vampire and his new spawn escape via the teleportation sphere. 18 January 2016
1020 Scroll Left Blackwing uses his total lack of magical skill to save the animals aboard the Mechane. 22 January 2016
1021 It's a Long List Varsuvius logically considers the cost of a scroll. 2 February 2016
1022 Terms and Conditions Apply Roy deals with the new High Priestess of Hel. 8 February 2016
1023 Last Call Roy asks Veldrina to keep an eye on the High Priests while he goes after "Durkon". 12 February 2016
1024 The Unbanished Truth Roy learns valuable information from the High Priestess of Thor, and receives a gift. 16 February 2016
1025 Mark of Distinction Tribute for Mark. 22 February 2016
1026 Goliath Falls Belkar's moment of glorious return is ruined by the rest of the party. 29 February 2016
1027 Because Reasons Everybody's back on the ship. 7 March 2016
1028 Don't Even Ask About Electrum The crew of the Mechane objects to being the Order's personal ferry service, but are satisfied with some gold in their pockets. 16 March 2016
1029 Budget Flight Roy and Haley discus finances as the Mechane gets underway. 21 March 2016
1030 Naming Names Names for the nameless enemy. 25 March 2016
1031 Cold War Paladins' ways to cope with cold and boredom. 29 March 2016
1032 Other Times, Not So Much O-Chul and Lien discuss their home and their fortunes while a new threat appears overhead. 6 April 2016
1033 Sound Reasoning The paladins take cover as they are attacked by Oona and Lancer. 14 April 2016
1034 Always a Good Rule of Thumb As the combat continues, O-Chul suggests a surprising tactic for a paladin. 22 April 2016
1035 Ringing Victory O-Chul and Lien evade an attacker. 3 May 2016
1036 Sound, But in This Case Inaccurate The yrthak and its rider return. The MitD gets a new umbrella. 16 May 2016
1037 Beast Practices A philosophical lesson on master-beast relations. 20 May 2016
1038 Goblin to Goblin A discussion of intra-goblinoid relations. 31 May 2016
1039 Multiple Choice Team Evil buffs for entering Kraagor's Tomb. 7 June 2016
1040 It Probably Would've Taken 30 Pages Team Evil clears a dungeon. 17 June 2016
1041 Value of an Independent Variable Does MitD have to do everything? 22 June 2016
1042 Wait Watchers O-Chul and Lien stake out Kraagor's Tomb. 29 June 2016
1043 He Assumed It Was a Cholesterol Thing Homophones confuse Belkar. 6 July 2016
1044 Mountain Passes Bandana explains the geography of the Dwarven Lands. Haley and Elan make out on deck. 14 July 2016
1045 Studying Up Roy studies a weapons manual and begins to unlock the secrets of the Greenhilt Sword. Eugene appears for a visit. 19 July 2016
1046 Literally Heartless Eugene and Roy have a talk about emotional magic versus "actual" magic. 1 August 2016
1047 Perhaps a Few Mini-Revolutions Eugene and Roy have a talk about why Roy should (or shouldn't) just let the world get destroyed. 8 August 2016
1048 Parental Bindings Eugene has nothing better to do. 12 August 2016
1049 An Uplifting Discussion Elan and Roy discuss science, magic and art. 18 August 2016
1050 Hard Pass The Mechane comes under attack by a clan of giants. 30 August 2016
1051 Path of Most Resistance Roy and Bandana agree to fly straight into the frost giant's trap. 7 September 2016
1052 Fired Giants Order strikes back 15 September 2016
1053 Over the Edge Belkar refuses to miss out on some leader-approved violence. 21 September 2016
1054 A Kill By Any Other Name Belkar and Haley discuss Belkar's role. 3 October 2016
1055 All Hands on Trend As the Mechane takes damage, the crew considers retreat. 14 October 2016
1056 Top Five, Certainly Giant clerics! 24 October 2016
1057 Suggestive Content Comeback of suggestion. 31 October 2016
1058 Ready, Set, Ready The new wiser V opts for a proportional response instead of overwhelming force. 7 November 2016
1059 The Fight is Not Over The Frost Giant clerics strand Haley and V away from the Mechane leaving it vulnerable. 15 November 2016
1060 Now Boarding Giants board Mechane and damage its balloon. 5 December 2016
1061 Hangers On As Roy fights the giants, the Mechane picks up speed, avoiding another attacker. 20 December 2016
1062 Spanner in the Works Mid-battle mutiny. 9 January 2017
1063 No Turn Signal Andi's change of course causes Elan's repairs to fail, and Roy makes the wrong conjecture. 17 January 2017
1064 Chained of Command While the crew argue over command in the wake of Andi's mutiny, the Mechane is faced with a dilemma on which course to take. 1 February 2017
1065 Lesson Never Learned As the Mechane scrapes by the mountain, Elan recalls the things he didn't learn at Bard camp. 8 February 2017
1066 Oh Grow Up When Bandana comes to, the juvenile history of Bandana and Andi is recalled. 21 February 2017
1067 Bump in the Road Roy takes out one of the giants, but Andi's bad decision making causes him to fumble the Greenhilt Sword overboard. 9 March 2017
1068 Ship Abandon While Roy takes punishment from the frost giantess, Haley, V, Belkar, and Blackwing realize that they've been left behind by the Mechane. 15 March 2017
1069 Conditional Diagnosis Elan manages to concentrate long enough to mend the ship's gas envelope, but in the meantime Roy takes another blow that leaves him in uncertain condition. 30 March 2017
1070 Half Probably Are Elan swings to Roy's rescue in a dashing manner. 10 April 2017
1071 Never Failed Him Before Elan adds an element of chaos to the combat. 18 May 2017
1072 Flying Low Andi's poor decisions leave the Mechane stranded. 24 May 2017
1073 Catching Up While Andi scrambles to deal with their predicament, Roy re-engages by hurling a boulder at the giantess. 26 May 2017
1074 Turning Back Bandana gives a rousing speech, convincing the crew there is no turning back, and is freed. 29 May 2017
1075 Shuffle the Deck Back in command, Bandana uses some clever maneuvering to help Roy clear the deck of the last frost giant boarder. 5 June 2017
1076 Just Drop It Bandana employs one of Julio's old tricks to lighten the load and get over the ridge. Elan misses a social cue. 16 June 2017
1077 All Clear The rest of the party returns to the Mechane 24 June 2017
1078 But If You Try Sometimes Roy discovers a new ability for his sword. 1 July 2017
1079 Threat Level Bandana warns Andi and strips her of her pay. 5 July 2017
1080 Clever Blasting God Stoppers The party ponders the gods' motives 8 July 2017
1081 Ill Intent Thrym courts Hel, and Hel reveals a new threat to the Order of the Stick 10 July 2017
1082 And Your Souls for Free Hel and Thrym discuss her limitations under the gods laws, and what life was like during World 1.0. 13 July 2017
1083 You Bet Hel remembers the bet she made with Thor which caused her to not have clerics. 17 July 2017
1084 Consumers Report "Durkon"* checks in with Hel. 20 July 2017
1085 Omission Possible The vampires are thwarted in their attempt to enter the Temple of Thor when the key crumbles, something Durkon knew about but failed to reveal to his vampire master. 24 July 2017
1086 Look Inside Durkon recalls his ordination, and the vampires change plans. 27 July 2017
1087 Masters Mastering Mastery The vampires compare the natures of their human hosts. 31 July 2017
1088 Hall Past Durkon recalls a party in his honor, so that "Durkon" can find a place to hide out. 3 August 2017
1089 Scents and Cents Ability Sigdi worries about cents while "Durkon" struggles with the scents of some of Durkon's memories. 7 August 2017
1090 Not Touching! Bandana explains dwarven concepts of territorial rights. 10 August 2017
1091 Ready to Go The Order prepares to battle vampires. 14 August 2017
1092 Entrance Seekers Roy locates the entrance to the Temple of Thor at Firmament. 17 August 2017
1093 Night's Templars Roy is ambushed by the clerics waiting on the other side of the entrance to the temple. 22 August 2017
1094 Face Time Elan manages to convince the acolytes that the Order has come to help. 24 August 2017
1095 Name Dropper The Order enters the temple. 29 August 2017
1096 Brewmaster's Tale Firuk Blackore tells the story of how Durkon was cast out of Dwarven Lands to forestall a prophesy. 5 September 2017
1097 God Forsaken Firuk and the Order consider the implications of Durkon's exile, the prophesy, and Odin's motives. 9 September 2017
1098 The Crucial Ingredient The Order discusses why Odin may have chosen to give Hurak the prophecy despite not wanting to end the world: to allow Durkon to help defeat Xykon. 12 September 2017
1099 Cool Will Be the Biggest Obstacle Firuk supplies the Order with several potions from the temple brewery, and Minrah offers to join in the fight against the vampires. 18 September 2017
1100 Into the Tunnels The Order ventures out of the temple of Thor into the tunnels of Firmament. 25 September 2017
1101 Rising Suspicion As the party passes a multitude of murdered dwarves, Haley comes to the realization that "Durkon" lied about what spell he was researching. 4 October 2017
1102 For the Duration Vaarsuvius saves the Order from the swarm of vampires by erecting a force cage around the party. 16 October 2017
1103 In Force Heroes close their eyes to protect themselves from vampires' gaze attacks. 26 October 2017
1104 Plan of Inaction Roy telegraph's their plan to cast fireball while dropping the forcecage, allowing Sandstone to protect the vampires with his magic. 3 November 2017
1105 Out of the Box, Into the Fire The Order uses a distraction to dismiss the forcecage and attack the vampires. The vampires are routed thanks in part to the unexpected return of Hilgya Firehelm. 13 November 2017
1106 Answering the Callback Hilgya explains how she found Durkon, and the Order considers whether to let her join them. 28 November 2017
1107 Babysitter Club Flush Hilgya agrees to help the Order, but on one condition: not leaving Kudzu with the priests of Thor. 6 December 2017
1108 Boys Don't Scry The Order figures out how to scry on Durkon. 29 December 2017
1109 Spy Bowl Hilgya scries on "Durkon", who is preparing an ambush. 9 January 2018
1110 The Perfect Strategy The Order plans their attack on "Durkon". 18 January 2018
1111 She Really Doesn't "Durkon" overlooks important intelligence from his spawn, and sends Gontor off to prepare for the Council. 26 January 2018
1112 And Maybe a Change of Shoes Durkon tries to torture Greg with memories of workplace orientation. 9 February 2018
1113 On Her Honor Hilgya explains a loophole in Dwarven theology. 20 February 2018
1114 Better Served Cold Anyway Hilgya recounts how she returned to the Dwarven Lands with her baby to ruin her clan and divorce her husband. 12 March 2018
1115 It's Never Failed Before Belkar wrestles with his feelings about Durkon. 27 March 2018
1116 Neck and Neck The order casts some final buff spells and then begins their assault on the banquet hall by sending in some summoned giraffes. 4 April 2018
1117 Bait the Rainbow The Order's plan unfolds, as the summoned animals exhaust "Durkon"'s trap, V goes in well protected to draw the melee vampires on the ceiling, and Hilgya provides some unexpected fire power. 17 April 2018
1118 Negatively Affected The battle continues, with Vaarsuvius failing to protect against sonic energy, Haley executing a Sneak Attack, and Elan confusing the meaning of Negative Energy. 26 April 2018
1119 The Fighting's So Bright Hilgya unleashes Loki's fire on the vampires. 30 April 2018
1120 Create Spawn Durkon and his vampire spirit learn of his paternity. 7 May 2018
1121 Protection Racket Durkon makes a deal with his captor to show one final memory before staying silent in return for the life of his child. 11 May 2018
1122 Dispelling Misconceptions Faced with unexpected clerical opposition, "Durkon" and his minions dispel all of the protections covering the Order, but also some of their allies. Vaarsuvius and Roy take advantage of the situation, but forget about the one key protection that was just dropped. 21 May 2018
1123 Swirly Attack! Roy and Vaarsuvius take friendly fire from their dominated teammates. 4 June 2018
1124 Dominate Tricks As Durkon recalls his final memory, Roy is forced to fight the vampire-dominated Elan. 13 June 2018
1125 Throwing Shade Belkar funktastically prevents Minrah from healing V, which in turn keeps them from dispelling the vampiric domination of the Order. 19 June 2018
1126 Battle Cry While Roy deals with his friends attacking him, Durkon recalls his mother's secret donation to the Church of Thor and "Durkon" uses Kudzu as a dwarven shield. 13 July 2018
1127 Windfall Stymied by the antilife shell, Roy seeks to knock out his teammates so he can heal V, but is caught in a vicious sneak attack by Haley. Meanwhile, Durkon's memory of his mother's revelations continues. 16 July 2018
1128 Raising a Family TPK (almost) 19 July 2018
1129 Reasons Why Sigdi explains why she spent her fortune raising total strangers from the dead instead of her husband, leaving Greg dumbfounded. 23 July 2018
1130 Better Days Durkon shows the vampire what it means to have all his memories while Belkar launches a counterattack. 27 July 2018
1131 A Heartfelt Moment Durkon's overcoming the vampire enables Belkar to destroy him. 31 July 2018
1132 Afterdeath Durkon arrives in the afterlife where he meets Minrah. 3 August 2018
1133 Call Answering Durkon and Minrah discuss Minra's performance and Durkon's prospects for resurrection. 7 August 2018
1134 A Mile in His Shoes Durkon and Minrah meet Thor. 10 August 2018
1135 OMG Minrah's world gets Thor'd. 16 August 2018
1136 Orders From the Top Thor tells Durkon he has a task for him when he returns to life. Minrah is given entrance to Valhalla. 21 August 2018
1137 But It Probably Won't Come Up After trying to explain that trees are not evil, Thor prepares to take Durkon and Minrah to the Astral Plane. 24 August 2018
1138 Lesson Planar Thor explains the Astral and Outer Planes. 29 August 2018
1139 To Remember Them By In the Astral Plane, Thor shows Durkon and Minrah the graveyard of the uncountable worlds they have created which have all been eaten by the Snarl. 5 September 2018
1140 Better Left in the Past Thor discusses different previous worlds, and how he arrived in the Order of the Stick type universe. 12 September 2018
1141 Advanced Color Theory Thor explains the "quiddity" of the gods, and how the Snarl is made of four colors while the remaining pantheons represent only three, making the Snarl more "real" than any of the worlds they create. However the ascendency of the Dark One created a new purple quiddity. 21 September 2018
1142 Good to Know Thor reveals his plan to enlist the aid of the Dark One in securing the Gates. 29 September 2018
1143 Lines of Communication Thor tells of how the gods are split on the issue of the Dark One, and he outlines Durkon's mission: to convince Redcloak to cast one 9th level spell to seal the gates. 8 October 2018
1144 That's Jack's Fault Thor explains more about the relationship between gods, their dependency on mortals, and why the Dark One would probably not survive the destruction of this world to help create a new world which could contain the Snarl. 17 October 2018
1145 The Highfather The trio returns to Asgard where they meet Odin and Durkon learns the reason why he was banished from the Dwarven Lands. 29 October 2018
1146 Assistance Needed Thor and Odin cannot help Durkon directly, but Thor tells Durkon of an ancient dwarven secret. 10 November 2018
1147 Headed Back Durkon receives his resurrection call, bidding farewell to Minrah. 26 November 2018
1148 The Rainbow Rejection As Durkon heads back to life, Minrah turns around on the bifrost, asking to raise her to life when he can, knowning that in doing so she risks her eternal afterlife in Valhalla. 12 December 2018
1149 Enough Diamonds Already After being resurrected, Durkon makes an important declaration to Hilgya. 17 December 2018
1150 Do-Over (1150) Durkon lets out a secret unknown even to Thor and Odin, confronts Hilgya again, and reunites with the Order properly. 31 December 2018
1151 Halfling Baby Steps Are Very Small Durkon thanks Belkar for giving him the insight he needed to defeat Greg, and Belkar takes a halfling baby step toward empathy. 9 January 2019
1152 Reunion Durkon is reunited with his mother. 21 January 2019
1153 Family Meeting Sigdi meets her grandson and expertly threatens Hilgya. 25 January 2019
1154 Forgotten Secret Durkon retrieves a powerful magic weapon. 31 January 2019
1155 Elder Screeds The Council of Clan Elders begins, and Gontor arrives. 11 February 2019
1156 In All Fairness As the vampires spring their trap, Gontor discusses his motivation. 19 February 2019
1157 Holes and Walls The Exarch lays out why exactly he's entitled to an evil cackle. 1 March 2019
1158 Gatespender Gontor gates in a Nightcrawler. 6 March 2019
1159 Worm's Eye View The nightcrawler requires micromanaging, but notices the invisible entrance of the Order into the chamber. 18 March 2019
1160 Returning Champions In the opening round against the nightcrawler, Durkon and Roy make good use of their returning weapons. 1 April 2019
1161 Easy to Forget The bad guys strike back, summoning elementals and paralyzing some of the group, but V saves Roy from another disastrous fall. 15 April 2019
1162 Helping Out Sigdi calls for aid, and the dwarven family arrives. 29 April 2019
1163 They Stayed Friends Though Durkon gets help from a stunning mid-adventure reveal of a previously unknown family member. 13 May 2019
1164 Replication Crisis Belkar attempts to replicate Durkon's emotional-coup trick with Gontor. 21 May 2019

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