This page contains a list of all the Order of the Stick comics that appear in the first OotS compilation, Dungeon Crawlin' Fools (comics 1-121).

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No. Title Summary Publish Date
1 New Edition While fighting a bunch of Goblins, the Order is suddenly converted to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition. 25 September 2003
2 Second Grade All Over Again Roy decides to split up the Order into two teams, to search for stairs. 3 October 2003
3 See Spot Spot Haley's team runs into a group of ninjas. No one is able to spot them. 10 October 2003
4 The Power of Music Elan uses his bard songs to assist the team. Roy tries to bluff an ogre guard. 13 October 2003
5 When Plotlines Collide! The two teams bump into each other while retreating, and are forced to fight the ogres and ninjas. 17 October 2003
6 The Cleric is 'In' After the tough fights, the Order turns to Durkon for first aid. 22 October 2003
7 ThorPrayer Durkon prays to Thor in order to heal the badly bruised Elan. 27 October 2003
8 The Benefit of a High Bluff Score Haley heals Elan with a potion, which Belkar accuses her of stealing from him. 29 October 2003
9 I am Curious, Elan Vaarsuvius attempts to identify a magic belt found on one of the ogres. 2 November 2003
10 Like Enthrall, Only Boring Vaarsuvius single-handedly defeats some Goblins with a mighty spell. 5 November 2003
11 Alignment Differences A Goblin Cleric shows up. He is defeated by Belkar, who was somehow unaffected by Unholy Blight. 9 November 2003
12 Up a Level, Down a Level Roy and Haley are confused about each other's usage of the word "level". 12 November 2003
13 Plot, Ahoy! Elan reveals the plot. 16 November 2003
14 Why Roy is Always Tired I don't think Roy trusts the others too much... 19 November 2003
15 Family Time Roy's Dad, Eugene, pops in for a visit and some cryptic information. 23 November 2003
16 Turn of Phrase Durkon should probably get his ears checked or something... 29 November 2003
17 Rapier Wit We learn the virtues (and crippling weakness) of Elan's weapon. 30 November 2003
18 Double Surprise Being flat-footed sucks... 3 December 2003
19 Evade! 1 Chimera + 1 Bad Illusion = Chase Scene 7 December 2003
20 Arcanolypse Now NEVER piss off a wizard... 10 December 2003
21 It's All About the Drama Roy shares with us his take on Eugene's prophecy 14 December 2003
22 Leadership in Action Roy tries to get Belkar to track Trigak to find Xykon's lair. 17 December 2003
23 Meanwhile... We catch a glimpse of the workings in Xykon's lair. 21 December 2003
24 Do You Hear What I Hear? Durkon's loud armor ruins what could have been an attack on goblins. 25 December 2003
25 Armor Begone Some backwards logic, courtesy of Elan. 28 December 2003
26 Bardic Nudity Roy fears a sexual harassment lawsuit if Elan is still naked when Haley returns. 31 December 2003
27 The Delicate Art of Intraparty Negotiations Elan exhibits surprising obduracy on the question of clothing. 4 January 2004
28 Just Like on Three's Company Haley can't stop talking about Elan's blade. 7 January 2004
29 Treasure? What Treasure? Haley explains why she couldn't possibly have looted the treasure room. 11 January 2004
30 Behind the Secret Door The Order discovers a secret door. Elan discovers a nameless horror beyond... 14 January 2004
31 All-You-Can-Eat Brain Buffet The mind-flayer takes a gourmet's view of the Order's brains. 18 January 2004
32 Biting the Hand that Feeds Me What's the difference between an illithid and a plaintiffs' IP lawyer? One is a Lawful Evil aberration with a penchant for thought control and the other is a squid-thingy. 21 January 2004
33 Mail Call The Order answers mail from their readers, with catastrophic results. 25 January 2004
34 Math is Fun Fighting a goblin, Durkon belatedly remembers his bonuses. 28 January 2004
35 Rogues Gone Wild! Haley's search techniques entertain the male portion of the Order of the Stick. 1 February 2004
36 Building a Better PC Trap Haley warns Roy that the door may still be trapped. Roy asks, "How bad could it be?" 4 February 2004
37 Evil, But Cost-Effective Xykon concludes a wage negotiation as only he can. 8 February 2004
38 Spontaneous Artistic Expression With Roy's Strength at 0, Elan and Belkar seize the moment to express their feelings about him. 12 February 2004
39 Date with Destiny Eugene proves Roy’s theory for the prophecy wrong. 15 February 2004
40 The Gods Must be Busy Durkon's prayer for healing gains Thor's attention at a crucial moment. 18 February 2004
41 Just Take the AoO Elan uses his bard song to help Vaarsuvius concentrate. 23 February 2004
42 Belkar Unleashed Belkar finally spots his ninja. 25 February 2004
43 What's Behind Door #2? Elan impulsively opens another door—with the strangest result yet. 1 March 2004
44 Meet the Linear Guild The Order of the Stick meets the oddly similar Linear Guild. 3 March 2004
45 Strength in Numbers Haley presents an econometric analysis of the combined group's prospects. 8 March 2004
46 Deep Thoughts Nale enlists the Order in his quest for the Talisman of Dorukan. 11 March 2004
47 But is it High Definition? The combined team splits up to find the three sigils, as Xykon and his minions watch from afar. 14 March 2004
48 Stab of Opportunity Belkar, unusually, finds himself on the receiving end of an AoO. 18 March 2004
49 Collect the Whole Set Vaarsuvius has trouble obtaining a good Fly spell. 22 March 2004
50 The Semi-Secret Origin of Elan & Nale The blond adventurers' strange commonalities are explained at last. 25 March 2004
51 Stupid Isn't Always Cute The fighters' quest for the Earth Sigil lays bare the contradictions at the heart of Thog. 28 March 2004
52 Young Dwarves in Love As they and the twins approach the Fire Sigil, Hilgya appears to show interest in Durkon, and masters the evil Beasts of Flame with suspicious ease. 1 April 2004
53 See, They're Flying, Because It's an Air Sigil Haley and Sabine, accompanying the casters to the Air Sigil, find their greatest challenge in one another. 6 April 2004
54 Touch My Sigil Notes from Nale ensure that each Sigil is activated by a member of the Order. 7 April 2004
55 One for the Old-Schoolers The reunited team enters the Hall of Outdated Monsters. 12 April 2004
56 An Alternate Hypothesis Nale obtains the Talisman of Dorukan. 15 April 2004
57 Inevitable Betrayal? Check. The Linear Guild's purposes become all too clear. 18 April 2004
58 First Aid Vaarsuvius employs drastic measures to bring Belkar's healing powers to the fore. 21 April 2004
59 The Shot Heard Round the Dungeon Haley rolls a natural 20 on her archery attack and destroys the Talisman. 25 April 2004
60 Everything Comes Together The prophecy is finally explained. 29 April 2004
61 Brother Against Brother Elan and Nale match swords, and wits. 29 April 2004
62 Heavy Metals Haley discovers Sabine's greatest weakness--or at least narrows it down to one of two. 30 April 2004
63 Together, They're Six Feet of Whoop Ass Belkar and Yikyik settle accounts. 1 May 2004
64 Transference When Nale relieves Thog as Roy's adversary, Roy warns him of his mistake. 2 May 2004
65 The Magic Words On the verge of defeat by Zz'dtri, Vaarsuvius resorts to the unholy power of... copyright law? 3 May 2004
66 Thog's Secret Weakness Elan casts an illusion and uncovers the hidden side of Thog. 4 May 2004
67 Cliffhanger Elan confronts his brother on the brittle edge of destiny. 5 May 2004
68 Unconscience Kill Nale, or spare him? Elan's inner voices conflict. 9 May 2004
69 Hey, It Was Worth a Shot With the Linear Guild defeated, someone else drops in on the Order. 12 May 2004
70 That's Just Mean The sylph Celia is revived, and again subjected to Nale's malice. 16 May 2004
71 Career Girl Celia explains what she is doing in the same dungeon as Xykon. 20 May 2004
72 Loose Ends (72) With the Linear Guild in Celia's custody, the way seems open for the Order to confront Xykon. And yet something seems missing... 24 May 2004
73 Thor's Teachings W.W.T.D.? 27 May 2004
74 Back from the Pit Hilgya and Durkon protect themselves from the monsters, but not vice versa. 30 May 2004
75 The Blame Game The Order finally miss Durkon. You have one guess who gets blamed. 3 June 2004
76 She's a Sneaky One Alone in the dark with Durkon, Hilgya employs her dwarven stonecunning, and other wiles. 7 June 2004
77 A Battle of Attrition A dragon mistakes the pair of clerics for an easy meal. 9 June 2004
78 Unfinished Business Roy talks to his father concerning Xykon. 14 June 2004
79 The Heavens Moved Thor and Loki agree on one subject. 16 June 2004
80 Replacement Cleric Elan creates his own god. 20 June 2004
81 First Church of Banjo Elan gathers more worshippers for his god. 24 June 2004
82 Beats Pay-Per-View Redcloak lectures the Monster in the Darkness about popcorn and demon roaches. The MitD, of course, doesn't pay attention. 27 June 2004
83 Pillow Talk Durkon and Hilgya share their stories. 30 June 2004
84 Saddest. Comic. Ever. Durkon gives Hilgya a lecture on what it really means to be a dwarf. 4 July 2004
85 The Elder Puppet H. P. Lovecraft, eat your heart out. 7 July 2004
86 The Most Important Quest Most DMs gloss over these sorts of issues. 11 July 2004
87 Bathroom Humor The Order take a much-needed break. 14 July 2004
88 Getting Closer Vaarsuvius demonstrates the qualities of bargain spells. 18 July 2004
89 Invisibility: The Lazy Artist's Friend More unforseen events, stemming from the spell's effects. 22 July 2004
90 Consequences of a Failed Skill Check IT'S BETTER THAN A NATURAL 1! 25 July 2004
91 Proof That I am Deeply Disturbed We learn why goblins don't like fruit pie. 28 July 2004
92 Reading is Fundamental I prepared Explosive Runes this morning. 2 August 2004
93 Teenage Wasteland Haley shares a fundamental fact about teenagers with us. 5 August 2004
94 The Path to Victory Different backgrounds. Just for some variation. This is a haiku. 8 August 2004
95 Dead Men Tell Tales Xykon enlists Redcloak's help to locate an important object. 12 August 2004
96 Gate? What Gate? Xykons plans start to unfold, and the MitD is about as clued in as the readers are. 15 August 2004
97 Evil Plans Another plot-unfolding sequnce with Team Evil. 18 August 2004
98 Mmmmm...Tasty I can think of a few answers to Vaarsuvius' question. 25 August 2004
99 Grilled to Perfection I wonder if that's low-fat... 29 August 2004
100 Teenage Boys Are CR 1 The Milestone Comic. 1 September 2004
101 Man-to-Man Chat Elan makes an Intimidate Check. 6 September 2004
102 Lowbrow is the Best Brow Elan shows us his remarkable wit. 8 September 2004
103 Practice Makes Perfect Team Evil runs through some final preparations. 16 September 2004
104 Dramatic Pre-Battle Speech Not quite accurate, but certainly moving. 19 September 2004
105 Hordes of Xykon Hey. 23 September 2004
106 A Sure Bet I think that's a class skill for villains. 26 September 2004
107 Defense is for Losers Belkar's miscalculation lands the casters in a heap of trouble. 29 September 2004
108 Help from Above Here she comes, to save the day! 4 October 2004
109 Tensions Rise There she is, to save the day. 6 October 2004
110 Revenge is Best Served Really Cold Roy gets ticked when Xykon hasn't heard of him. 11 October 2004
111 Inukchuk! Durkon's secret weapon, courtesy of Thor. 13 October 2004
112 Shatter One spell is sometimes all it takes to turn the tide of battle. 18 October 2004
113 Memories, Like the Edges of My Sword Roy's life passes before his very eyes. 21 October 2004
114 Exciting Climax What a way to go. 24 October 2004
115 Dust in the Wind We start to wrap things up. 28 October 2004
116 Finding Stuff Aquiring the loot is often a rogue's job. 31 October 2004
117 Delayed Gratification Team Evil heads for the escape route. 3 November 2004
118 They Should Childproof Those Things Elan actions speak far louder than his words. 7 November 2004
119 Hollywood, Eat Your Heart Out I wonder what the budget was for a move like that... 10 November 2004
120 The End of the Beginning Ready...Pose! 15 November 2004
121 The Return of Mail Call Back with a 4-sided vengence. 18 November 2004

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