This page contains a list of all the Order of the Stick comics that appear in the second OotS compilation, No Cure for the Paladin Blues (comics 122-301).

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The List Edit

No. Title Summary Publish Date
122 Adventurers Are Coming! Adventurers Are Coming! A quiet town prepares specially for the Orders arrival. 21 November 2004
123 Double Your Entendre, Double Your Fun Elan, Roy, Durkon and Belkar eavesdrop on Haley and Vaarsuvius' conversation. 24 November 2004
124 Ding! It's level up time, but Belkar is missing out. 28 November 2004
125 Free Experience Belkar is convinced to not carry out his level up plan, and comes up with a new method. 2 December 2004
126 Multiclass Struggles Multiclassing just isn't fair! 5 December 2004
127 New Wizard in Town Elan decides to become a "wizard" and Vaarsuvius doesn't like it 9 December 2004
128 The More You Know... Haley tells Vaarsuvius to make amends with Elan. 13 December 2004
129 Rock Solid Investment Haley divides the loot and swindles the Order in a rather... inventive way. 16 December 2004
130 Itempalooza The group divides the magical items from their adventure. 20 December 2004
131 Money Makes the World Go Round The Order decides to go shopping but Haley wants to stay behind to, erm, count her money. 23 December 2004
132 Kindred Spirits Belkar debates about whether or not to become a barbarian. Points for guessing what he decides. 27 December 2004
133 Standardized Testing Belkar has to pass a test of combat before becoming a barbarian. Points for guessing the outcome. 30 December 2004
134 Craft (Plotline) Roy goes to a blacksmith to reforge his ancestral blade, but finds out that he's going to need a little *shudder* sidequest. 3 January 2005
135 Potionomics Vaarsuvius needs some potions, but finds an annoying amount of stupidity. 4 January 2005
136 It's Not a Gaming Session Until Someone Quotes Monty Python Roy decides to get a substitute weapon, but instead gets an empty shop and a wiseass owner. 5 January 2005
137 Teh Gewd Gods Elan decides to get more support for Banjo. 6 January 2005
138 Tomorrow's Technology Today Durkon goes shopping at Fine Gnomish Armor. 7 January 2005
139 How to Keep the Party Together Roy violates his lawful alignment in order to get the starmetal. 10 January 2005
140 My Little Pony Roy decides to get some mounts for the adventure but Belkar wants something extra. 13 January 2005
141 Horse Sense The Order runs into a little trouble with knowing about how to ride and receive their answer from an unexpected source. 17 January 2005
142 Misdirection and Subterfuge The Linear Guild is plotting against the Order of the Stick. 20 January 2005
143 Do-Over (143) The Order meets some ogres and there's a slight argument about spot checks. 23 January 2005
144 Pop Goes the Weasel There's a fight with some ogres and what can Roy do? Absolutely nothing! 27 January 2005
145 Mr(s). Wizard Explains It All Vaarsuvius ends the fight and explains some role-playing physics. 2 February 2005
146 Role Reversal (146) Belkar chews Roy out for his lack of discipline. 3 February 2005
147 The Light at the End of the Tunnel Team Evil is falling back and regrouping, and the MitD just can't get anything he wants. 7 February 2005
148 Hobgoblins and You Team Evil is ready to get some new minions, but Redcloak doesn't like what they are. 11 February 2005
149 Cultural Differences Team Evil has two methods of gaining the hobgoblins: the long, honorary method, or the short, brutal method. Points for guessing which method they choose. 17 February 2005
150 A Comic as Lovely as a Tree Durkon's hidden fear is about to be tested to the limit. And no, it's not of forest monsters. 21 February 2005
151 Learning Experience There are some problems with (newbie) rogues. 23 February 2005
152 Arrow Time The rogues get some backup. 28 February 2005
153 Priorities The Order is missing Elan and has to get him back but someone doesn't want to come along, and it's not Belkar. 3 March 2005
154 One Bird with Two Dozen Arrows The Order has found a bandit camp and has to find out if Elan is in it. 7 March 2005
155 Time is On My Side Haley comes up with a plan and uses a nice time trick. 10 March 2005
156 Cunning Escape Elan has ideas of his own. 13 March 2005
157 A Lesson in Leadership Haley finds out that Belkar can be a little uncontrollable. 17 March 2005
158 The Economics of Banditry Just because you're about to die doesn't mean you can't rant about pet peeves. 21 March 2005
159 Plotus Interruptus The Order and the Bandit King find a shocking revelation. 23 March 2005
160 The Jell-O Pit Wasn't Available Haley and the Bandit King have some words to say, and they're not pretty. 25 March 2005
161 Captives Haley and Elan have an argument and Durkon faces his worst fear straight down the eye. 27 March 2005
162 Soliloquy Roy tries to justify leaving Elan behind. 30 March 2005
163 A Man, A Dwarf, and a Kitty Roy and Durkon successfully breach the bandit camp, but are they too late to save the rest of the Order? 1 April 2005
164 Here He Comes, To Save the Day! It's Roy's turn to turn the tables. 4 April 2005
165 Hangin' Around Belkar is still alive, but the carnage has just begun. 5 April 2005
166 Wolverine, Eat Your Heart Out The Order is going through a boss fight and getting points for lateral thinking. 8 April 2005
167 Don't Question the Color of the Bag Meanwhile, Roy is cutting through a swath of bandits and facing the bandit king. 11 April 2005
168 Running on Empty (168) The Order is down for the count, but run into an unexpected ally. 13 April 2005
169 The Enemy of My Enemy is a Tree The (now reinstated) Bandit King fixes up his daughter's mess but runs into an unexpected problem. 15 April 2005
170 He's Still a Dwarf at Heart Durkon wields his newfound power wisely. 18 April 2005
171 The Prisoner Dilemma The Order is debating on what to do with their prisoners when Roy comes up with an idea that Belkar surprisingly loves. 20 April 2005
172 Cure Moderate Hurt Feelings Roy has to face down the man he betrayed, or does he? 22 April 2005
173 It Is Always Exactly Where They Intend It to Be Vaarsuvius' oft overlooked brand of revenge strikes again. 25 April 2005
174 Interlude of Dooooooom! The mysterious stranger is getting closer. And the news is not good for the Order. 27 April 2005
175 Darn You to Hex The team has to use a hex grid now but Vaarsuvius explains the advantages. 29 April 2005
176 Leaping Lizards The Order battles a green hag and suffers a major setback. 2 May 2005
177 Ch-ch-ch-changes Vaarsuvius has just been hexed. Some team members take it nicely and respectfully. Others, not so much. 3 May 2005
178 The Early Bird Catches the Wizard Vaarsuvius has one major setback with his power and another with his familiar. 9 May 2005
179 Liar, Liar Roy explains his lie to Belkar, but Belkar doesn't remember it. 11 May 2005
180 Falling for You Vaarsuvius saves the team again, but doesn't get any credit. 13 May 2005
181 Cursing the Darkness Vaarsuvius is getting more and more frustrated, and the team gets another boss encounter. 16 May 2005
182 Probability Vaarsuvius comes up with a plan, but there are some flaws in it. 17 May 2005
183 Spit and/or Swallow Vaarsuvius finally hypnotizes the dragon and decides to get some revenge. 19 May 2005
184 Hawaiian Love Haley's still alive. 23 May 2005
185 The Time Killers The team is being forced to wait until they can help Vaarsuvius before going on. Add Elan to that equation, and you've got hell. 26 May 2005
186 Return of the Elf Vaarsuvius is an elf again, and he has some words to say. 27 May 2005
187 Love At First Sight Roy witnesses Haley's maternal instincts. 30 May 2005
188 A Matter of Perspective At last, the quest has come to an end, and Roy is not happy with the outcome. 1 June 2005
189 Tied Up Nicely The Cloaked stranger is getting even closer, and is willing to kill to finish the job. 3 June 2005
190 A Lesson in Resource Management Team Evil has taken over the hobgoblins and plans their next move. Points for guessing how depraved it is. 6 June 2005
191 Dungeon Real Estate Team Evil has to do some dungeon crawling of their own. 8 June 2005
192 Everything Sits Better on a Ritz Team Evil makes their most depraved move yet. 9 June 2005
193 Because Good is Dumb Team Evil faces some good-aligned monsters and Xykon has a change of perspective, for the depraved. 13 June 2005
194 You Light Up My Life Team Evil continues through the good-aligned dungeon but the MitD just wants to get lit up, even if it means getting hurt. 15 June 2005
195 Book Nook Team Evil finds the object of their quest, and it's... an old non-magical book. 17 June 2005
196 The Diary Team Evil is much closer to their goal. 20 June 2005
197 A Change of Scale Xykon and Redcloak find more than they were expecting. 22 June 2005
198 The Great Kazoo The Order has finished hauling their dragon loot, and Elan needs to find ways around an injury he received. 4 July 2005
199 It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Roy finds out that in the magical world of Dungeons & Dragons, not everything is as it seems. 6 July 2005
200 The Confrontation The Order are stopped in their tracks by a mysterious stranger. 8 July 2005
201 Seeing Signs Durkon explains some things. 11 July 2005
202 Scanning... The paladin is detecting evil on the Order, and Belkar needs to do something. 13 July 2005
203 Just the Facts, Ma'am The paladin explains to the Order what she came for. 15 July 2005
204 What's My Motivation? Roy has to convince to team to go along with the paladin, but they suspect something else is going on. 18 July 2005
205 A Is Always A Durkon has to convince Haley to go along with the plan. 20 July 2005
206 Hidden Benefit of Being an Adventurer Vaarsuvius and Belkar express their desires to go. 26 July 2005
207 Now If Only We Could Organize the Fiends Somehow Miko still has to talk about the dragon's gold. 27 July 2005
208 A Battle of Wits Belkar has a few words to say to Windstriker. 29 July 2005
209 Multiclass Discrimination Roy and Elan talk to Miko about her classes. 1 August 2005
210 Displaced Persons Random encounters can choose to not be encountered, apparently. 3 August 2005
211 The Hook Roy and Elan talk to Miko about her classes. 5 August 2005
212 Dirt Farm Roy has to convince his teammates to go along, or does he? 8 August 2005
213 The Man Knows His Limitations The team has some tracking to do, and the choice of who the party tracker is comes to either Miko or Belkar. 10 August 2005
214 No Plan Survives Contact with One's Allies Miko wants to take out the ogres the honorable way, Roy wants to take them out the non-retarded way. 26 August 2005
215 Taking Charge It turns out that Miko does have a plan. 29 August 2005
216 Perfect Combo Roy has a word with a half-ogre about using only one tactic. 2 September 2005
217 Now in Ogrevision! Elan has some good trickery skills. 5 September 2005
218 OD&D Time to rescue the ... cranky old man. 7 September 2005
219 No Joke Too Cliched The end of the ogre fight. Durkon was nimble for a moment. Roy refuses Miko's Lay on Hands. 9 September 2005
220 For a Reasonable Fee Vaarsuvius wants to get paid, and will to go to any extremes to get their money. 12 September 2005
221 Recycling Works Roy gives Vaarsuvius a lecture for what they did in the previous comic. 14 September 2005
222 A Blissful Marriage Time to deliver the husband back and watch the sitcom. September 2005
223 Love, in the Abstract Vaarsuvius has a few words about love. September 2005
224 Groggy, Groggy, Groggy After a good night's fighting, it's time to get some rest, and Miko follows her code way too strictly. September 2005
225 Checking In The team checks into the inn. September 2005
226 Who's On the Throne? Roy is mistaken for the King of Nowhere. September 2005
227 AR&R Roy gets the royal treatment, but Miko would not be impressed. September 2005
228 Unlawful Good Belkar decides to fight Lawful with Lawful. 3 October 2005
229 No Offense, Aaron The assassins discover a limitation of stick figure comics. 5 October 2005
230 The Law Strikes Back Belkar gets a dose of irony for what he did in a previous comic. 10 October 2005
231 From the Mouths of Babes A well-timed explosion interrupts Roy and Elan's discussion of Miko. 12 October 2005
232 Because They Got Lonely in the Bag Roy wants to fight the assassins, but there seems to be a problem with his equipment. 13 October 2005
233 No Thread Left Untied The Girdle of Feminity/Masculinity makes its triumphant return. 17 October 2005
234 The Ultimate Sacrifice Elan is poisoned, leaving Roy no choice but to don the Girdle. 19 October 2005
235 Oddly, He Can Still Get Dressed in Under a Minute Roy and Elan escape the assassins. 21 October 2005
236 Mean Girl Haley teases Roy about his change in gender. 24 October 2005
237 Growing Some Roy rejoins the others, and they head back to take on the assassins. 26 October 2005
238 You Try Rhyming 'Assassin' Elan unsuccessfully attempts to get the civilians to safety. 28 October 2005
239 Roy's Angels The assassins' escape gets interrupted. 31 October 2005
240 Next on Fox: When Whores Attack! The assassins leap from the inn, followed by Roy. 2 November 2005
241 Talking Down Roy calls the assassin's bluff, and Belkar reappears with disastrous results. 4 November 2005
242 Chekov's Law Realized The assassins escape and we get an homage to Dave Sims. 7 November 2005
243 No Flair for the Dramatic Haley tries to rescue her treasure. 9 November 2005
244 What? It's a Legitimate Magic Item Belkar takes an opportunity to mess with Roy. 11 November 2005
245 Easy Come, Easy Go The inn explodes, taking Haley's treasure with it. 14 November 2005
246 Rumors of Her Death To Vaarsuvius's disappointment, Miko survived the explosion. 16 November 2005
247 It's Just Aphasia She's Going Through Haley is stricken with aphasia. 18 November 2005
248 Blame the Hormones Roy apologizes to Haley. 22 November 2005
249 Return of the Trouser Titan Roy gets the Girdle of Feminity/Masculinity removed. 23 November 2005
250 Oh no, he DIDN'T! Roy gets over his attraction to Miko. 27 November 2005
251 A Piece of His Mind Roy gives Miko a piece of his mind, and the Order gets put into chains and shackles. 29 November 2005
252 Linear Storytelling The Linear Guild decides to get a new wizard. 2 December 2005
253 Larry Gardener and the Angry Half-Orc The Linear Guild goes to recruit a new wizard. 5 December 2005
254 Half the Elf, Double the Fun Pompey joins the Linear Guild. 7 December 2005
255 Meep meep! Nale shows us the elaborate workings of his inner mind. 9 December 2005
256 Six Degrees of Evil Separation The Linear Guild runs into Julia Greenhilt. 12 December 2005
257 POW! The Linear Guild kidnaps Julia through the judicious use of rocket skates. 14 December 2005
258 I Think That Violates the Geneva Convention Nale decides not to exposit his latest villainous plot. 19 December 2005
259 Son of Mail Call Another filler comic. 21 December 2005
260 The Prison Blues The Order is jailed in Azure City, and Roy recaps the plot. 28 December 2005
261 I Smell a Solo Adventure Belkar escapes his cell. 30 December 2005
262 All You Need is Love and Improvised Thieves' Tools With a little help from Elan, Haley picks the lock on her cell door. 2 January 2006
263 The Great Escape Roy's escape plan hits a snag. 4 January 2006
264 I Cannae Tell a Lie Durkon tells the truth... technically. 6 January 2006
265 A Tale of Two Paladins Hinjo and Miko escort the Order to Shojo. 9 January 2006
266 Guessing Game The Order finally meets Lord Shojo, and he isn't what they expected. 11 January 2006
267 The Cat Behind the Throne The Order is brought to trial, and the judge seems biased. 13 January 2006
268 The Lawyers Strike Back The lawyers for the prosecution and the defense are both familiar faces. 16 January 2006
269 A Familiar Face Celia explains how she became a lawyer. 18 January 2006
270 Dueling Egos Belkar begins dueling Miko. 20 January 2006
271 The Prosecution's Case The lawyers lay out the evidence against the Order. 25 January 2006
272 The Big Secret Celia argues the OOTS should know why they treatened the universe. This prompts Shojo to start with a lot of background exposition. 27 January 2006
273 The Crayons of Time: Doodles on the Sketch Pad of Eternity Out of petty squabbles of the Gods, a hateful Snarl grew... 30 January 2006
274 The Crayons of Time: The Snarl The eastern Gods were eradicated and creation was undone by the Snarl. The remaining panteons however restarted. 31 January 2006
275 The Crayons of Time: World 2.0 The Gods build the new world around the Snarl, trapping it. Then holes appeared in its prison... 1 February 2006
276 The Crayons of Time: The Order of the Scribble The order of the scribble sealed all the five holes... 3 February 2006
277 The Crayons of Time: Breaking Up is Hard to Do ...but started disagreeing. In the end everyone of them would defend one gate. 6 February 2006
278 A New Strategy Celia and Roy discuss the defense strategy. 7 February 2006
279 No Soup for You Miko chases Belkar. Belkar drops off the wall into some soup. 8 February 2006
280 The Boot Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Jones discuss using an giant boot. 10 February 2006
281 Get the Lead Out Belkar knocks Miko out with a lead sheet then waits till she stands up again. 13 February 2006
282 Closing Arguments Jones and Celia discuss The Law versus The Greater Good. Both argue that action/result trumps intent. 15 February 2006
283 Rock the Vote Elan thinks he can vote on his own trial, but is unsure which side to choose... 17 February 2006
284 Shattered Expectations "Not guilty". Miko and Belkar enter spectacularly through the Window. 20 February 2006
285 A Moment of Truth Vaarsuvius saves Belkar from Miko. Shojo dismisses Miko promissing Belkar will be tried. 22 February 2006
286 A Minor Glitch Belkar reveals his plans with Miko and is found stupid. 25 February 2006
287 Paladins Make Good Tour Guides Hinjo and OOTS getting even. 27 February 2006
288 First Word... Roy is trying to guess what Haley's gestures mean. 1 March 2006
289 Senility Now! Shojo reveals his scheming. 4 March 2006
290 Shojo's Big Secret Shojo wants OOTS to check the other gates. Eugene reveals himself. 7 March 2006
291 Not to Mention Little League Eugene explains how he manipulated OOTS and that he needed the sword to manifest. 8 March 2006
292 Non-startling Revelations Eugene informs Roy Xykon is not successfully destroyed. 10 March 2006
293 This is Getting to Be a Habit... Roy expresses he disgusts of Eugene. Still he will go after Xykon. 13 March 2006
294 Contracts, Shmontracts Roy tears the OOTS contracts apart, they should follow him out of choice. Belkar is back. 16 March 2006
295 Belkar Leashed Belkar is under a Mark of Justice Curse, so he can't deal lethal damage in villages and towns. 20 March 2006
296 Boons Roy asked a few favors from Shojo for the OOTS members. 22 March 2006
297 Sword Speak With the starmetal alloyed in, Roys sword will become +5, undead bane. 28 March 2006
298 The Future is Forged in the Fires of Today Roy's sword is completed. 30 March 2006
299 A Calling Missed MITD wants be useful, but misses a rare opportunity. 31 March 2006
300 Pick Your Doom Xykon prepares for war. 4 April 2006
301 A Brief Intermission The battle of refreshments. Popcorn kills Nachos, Pizza kills Milk Dudes. 5 April 2006

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