This page contains a list of all the Order of the Stick comics that will appear in the third OotS compilation, War and XPs (comics 302-484).

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No. Title Summary Publish Date
302 New Beginnings Elan enjoys the Southern New Year celebration under Hinjo's nose. 8 April 2006
303 Phrenology Today Haley is examined by the priests of Azure City who provide some insight in her condition, but no cure. 11 April 2006
304 A Leper Can't Change His Spots Belkar runs into some trouble trying to pass himself off as a medium sized creature. 12 April 2006
305 The Epistle of Durkon Durkon writes to his superiors for reinstatement in the Dwarven Lands. 15 April 2006
306 Power Word: Annoy Vaarsuvius becomes frustrated over the illogical rules of D&D magic. 18 April 2006
307 Take the Problem By the Hand The party learns about an important Azurite custom. 20 April 2006
308 Sword Envy Roy and Durkon wonder what might have gotten Celia's attention. 22 April 2006
309 My Dinner with Elan Haley's dinner with Elan does not go as well as she might have hoped. 25 April 2006
310 Advanced Dates & Dinners To Roy's delight Celia seems to like some combat rules... 26 April 2006
311 Internal Dialogue Haley encounters her inner demon, who looks suspiciously like Dark Mistress Shadowgale. 1 May 2006
312 Where the Buffalo Wings Roam Belkar orders buffalo wings at T.G.I. Wednesday's. 3 May 2006
313 Words Fail Roy and Celia have a quiet dinner. 8 May 2006
314 Goth Advice Haley's Self-Loathing devises a plan to communicate with Elan. 12 May 2006
315 On Sylph's Wings Roy enjoys the view of Azure City from the sky, while Celia enjoys a slightly different view. 16 May 2006
316 The Moment of Truth The Southern New Year countdown has mixed results. 18 May 2006
317 The Best Part of Waking Up Belkar wakes up with a hangover. Vaarsuvius' special coffee is the cure. 23 May 2006
318 The Move Action of Shame Roy lays out his plan to seek guidance at the Oracle of the Sunken Valley, while also concealing Celia, who is still wearing her dress from the night before. 25 May 2006
319 Healthier Living Through Repression Haley meets some of the other personifications of her inner self. 29 May 2006
320 Bing Crosby's Got Nothing On Us Roy says goodbye to Celia and the party sets out on their next adventure. 1 June 2006
321 Q & A The party sets out on their mounts, but Elan knows a narrative continuity error when he sees one. 7 June 2006
322 Maybe the Quailtiger? Vaarsuvius applies their mind to the question of weird wizard husbandry practices. 10 June 2006
323 Don't Make Me Turn This Quest Around Roy attempts to quell intraparty fighting 13 June 2006
324 Consult Your Doctor Before Reading This Comic The party enters the Sunken Valley, after some legal disclosures. 16 June 2006
325 The Test of the Body Belkar breaks out the silverware on the first Test. 19 June 2006
326 Getting Ahead in Business The party confronts the mathematical realities of exponential growth. 23 June 2006
327 The Test of the Mind Haley thinks outside the box to solve a classic logic puzzle. 26 June 2006
328 The Test of the Heart The final, and most harsh, of the 3 tests of Sunken Valley has begun. Do the Order have what it takes to pass??! 4 July 2006
329 The All-Seeing Oracle The Order meets the Oracle of the Sunken Valley, and learns why he is not what they remembered. 6 July 2006
330 Paid in Full The Oracle explains his business model. 12 July 2006
331 For the Future The Oracle reveals the Order's future. 15 July 2006
332 The Ephemerality of Memory Elan points out a flaw in Roy's carefully-worded question to the Oracle. But the memory charm kicks in just as he realizes his mistake. 20 July 2006
333 The Bright Side (333) Durkon handles the news of his certain death with unexpected aplomb. 22 July 2006
334 If You Want Something Done Right Belkar exacts his revenge for the explosive runes. Elan's prophesy is fulfilled. 26 July 2006
335 A Grand Experiment Vaarsuvius explains the binary nature of Belkar's psyche. 30 July 2006
336 Bedtime for Elan Elan needs some help getting to sleep. 3 August 2006
337 Brief and to the Point Nale kidnaps Julia. Communicating efficiently is hard for him. 5 August 2006
338 Tactical Priorities Roy mobilizes the Order to rescue Julia. 15 August 2006
339 C.P.P.D. Blues The CPPD investigate the murders in Cliffport. 21 August 2006
340 You Should Have Seen What He Did With the Corsage The Order of the Stick arrive in Cliffport with the quest to free Julia from Nale. 22 August 2006
341 Setting Up the Board The Order of the Stick separate out to protect Roy as he heads to the rendezvous with Nale. 1 September 2006
342 Dangling the Bait Roy picks an inopportune moment to criticize Julia's fashion sense. 3 September 2006
343 Served with a Side Order of Whoop-Ass Roy's battle with Sabine is off to a bad start, as he's left feeling rather out of shape. 4 September 2006
344 A Walk in the Park Vaarsuvius and Durkon banter on the finer points of Cliffport's curious combination of magic and technology before being approached by the evil arch-druid, Leeky Windstaff. 5 September 2006
345 He Invented the Magic System Vaarsuvius faces off against Leeky Windstaff and his malicious awakened trees. 8 September 2006
346 Swoop, There It Is Haley and Vaarsuvius face off agaisnt Leeky Windstaff and his animal companion Kitty. 12 September 2006
347 On the Map The CPPD cracks Nale's secret message. 13 September 2006
348 Someone Was Looking For You Belkar faces down another kobold looking to kill him. 16 September 2006
349 Every Couple Has Their Quirks Roy probes the nature of Nale and Sabine's relationship, and uncovers new powers in the Greenhilt Sword. 19 September 2006
350 At Least You Get Course Credit Julia escapes and the CPPD call in a SWAT team. 21 September 2006
351 Pop Quiz, Hotshot Nale arrives to try to get Elan to figure out his plan. 22 September 2006
352 The Turnaround Durkon demonstrates one of the lesser-known uses of Control Weather. 26 September 2006
353 If a Druid Falls in the City, Does He Make a Noise? Never underestimate a druid. 28 September 2006
354 Copper Piece Arcade Fighting centipedes with missiles? Brings back memories... 30 September 2006
355 Sore Loser Roy defeats Sabine. 3 October 2006
356 Knight Takes Pawn Roy captures Pompey for all of five seconds. 5 October 2006
357 Pen Beats Sword Yokyok discovers the dangers of taverns. 7 October 2006
358 A Taste of Victory Belkar arrives with a tortilla chips in a bowl and extra chunky salsa. 10 October 2006
359 Roll Over The Order finish off Leeky Windstaff. 12 October 2006
360 Hail to the Chief The Chief tries to get his officers to enforce the law only to be murdered by Nale. 14 October 2006
361 Framing the Picture Elan is framed for Nale's crimes 17 October 2006
362 Grand Theft Identity Nale is accepted as one of The Order, while Elan is arrested for Nale's crime. 19 October 2006
363 I Fought the Law Elan, still disguised as Nale, is taken to jail while Nale continues to infiltrate the Order of the Stick.
364 Consider Their Lineage Roy and Julia get on each other's nerves, but still love each other.
365 Caught in the Act Nale and Sabine get caught making out by Vaarsuvius.
366 Porting Out The Order wraps things up in Cliffport and teleports back to Azure City. 31 October 2006
367 Innocent Man Elan and Thog find themselves in the CPPD jail. 2 November 2006
368 All Along the Watchtower Miko arrives to the watchtower, right before some unexpected visitors. 4 November 2006
369 Fight! Unwanted visitors enter the Watchtower by force. Miko has to fight for her life. 5 November 2006
370 Kills 'Em Every Time Miko is caged and the watchtower guard fails to get to the beacon before Xykon. 6 November 2006
371 The Road to Heck Miko confronts her captors. 7 November 2006
372 Pot v. Kettle Redcloak gives an indignant speech. 9 November 2006
373 Caged Miko looks for a way to escape from her captors. 10 November 2006
374 Black and Blue Miko confronts the MitD, and they play a game. 11 November 2006
375 Undeliverable MitD discovers the letter sent by Hurak to Durkon, that Miko left behind. 13 November 2006
376 All Too Easy Xykon and Redcloak reveal their plan to let Miko escape. 14 November 2006
377 Travel Delays The infiltrated Order returns to Azure City, as does Sabine. 16 November 2006
378 He Didn't Even Have to Say Please Nale and Sabine plot to co-opt Xykon's evil plan. Nale has a realization about Haley. 18 November 2006
379 Perform IS on the Aristocrat's Skill List Roy comes clean to Shojo on the purpose of the mission to Cliffport, and Shojo reminds him of the cost. 21 November 2006
380 While the Fiend's Away... Sabine learns some information she must deliver to her infernal masters, leaving Nale free to play on his newfound knowledge about Haley. 23 November 2006
381 Improved Feint Nale asks Haley out on a date. 25 November 2006
382 Risk vs. Reward Haley and her inner-selves grapple with the meaning of Nale's overtures. 27 November 2006
383 What's Really Scary is That He Knows the Words Nale is discovered by Belkar. 30 November 2006
384 Words Get in the Way Nale and Haley go out on a date. The conversation is... one-sided. 2 December 2006
385 A Sympathetic Ear Sabine finds some veritas in vino. 5 December 2006
386 Not How She Pictured It, Certainly Haley has her first kiss with Elan. Or so she thinks. 6 December 2006
387 The Cliffport Redemption The lead-up to the events of the previous strip begin to unfold as we flash back to Elan and Thog breaking out of the Cliffport jail. 9 December 2006
388 The Final Frontier Elan and Thog come up with a plan to get back to Azure City. 12 December 2006
389 As Good an Explanation as is Forthcoming Elan meets Julio Scoundrél and finds a way back to Azure City. 14 December 2006
390 In a Class All His Own Julio Scoundrél proposes a prestige class. 16 December 2006
391 Eye of the Tiger, Baby Training Montage! 18 December 2006
392 Death From Above Captain Scoundrél runs the Mechane through the defenses of Azure City to deliver Elan to his friends. 20 December 2006
393 Truth Haley and Elan finally face a moment of truth. 23 December 2006
394 Hell Hath Exactly As Much Fury Nale and Sabine have a lover's quarrel. 28 December 2006
395 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back While Haley and Elan discus the recent revelations, the Linear Guild regroups. 30 December 2006
396 The Door Knocks on YOU The Linear Guild goes after Elan and Haley. Thog finds a weapon. 2 January 2007
397 Leggo My Ego! The rest of the party shows up to even the odds against the Linear Guild. 5 January 2007
398 We All Just Want to be Held Sometimes The melee continues as Durkon and helps Haley deal with Sabine. 9 January 2007
399 Death Actually IS Too Good For Them The Order of the Stick considers how best to deal with the defeated Linear Guild. 11 January 2007
400 Your Ship Has Come In Elan and Haley kiss. 13 January 2007
401 Breakfast of Champions Roy wakes up from a nice rest. 16 January 2007
402 Speaking From the Heart Roy is filled in on what happened while he was sleeping. Elan and Haley are alone with their true loves. 18 January 2007
403 Leadership Is About the Tough Decisions Roy seeks an audience with Lord Shojo. 20 January 2007
404 A Paladin's Duty Shojo agrees to hold the Linear Guild without trial, over O-Chul's objections. 23 January 2007
405 The Secrets Hinjo and Miko overhear Shojo, Roy, and Belkar discussing things they should not discuss in public. 24 January 2007
406 A Moment of Truth After finding out about Shojo's deception, Miko and Hinjo confront him. While Hinjo handles the situation rather calmly, Miko... not so much. 26 January 2007
407 Fading Miko is punished by the Twelve Gods. 29 January 2007
408 Fallsville, Population: 1 Miko clings to her delusions despite her fall and fights it out with Roy. 31 January 2007
409 Intercession Hinjo tries (and fails) to talk some sense into Miko. 3 February 2007
410 The New Lord in Town Shojo declines resurrection, making Hinjo the new Lord of Azure City. 6 February 2007
411 The Power Behind the Throne Hinjo reveals the location of Soon's Gate. 8 February 2007
412 Catching Up Hinjo is crowned. 10 February 2007
413 Not to Scale The Sapphire Guard and the Order of the Stick plan for the defense of Azure City against the hobgoblin and undead horde of Xykon. 13 February 2007
414 Noble is Goodble The nobles of Azure City show their petty rivalries are more important to them than the defense of the city. 15 February 2007
415 Idiot Box Xykon tries out his new wide screen crystal ball. 17 February 2007
416 It's Battlicious! Xykon helps Redcloak draw up the order of battle. 20 February 2007
417 The Most Important Place to Be Haley prepares the archers for battle, then prepares herself. 22 February 2007
418 It's a Type of Boat No one touches Hinjo's junk, though they do handle his package. 24 February 2007
419 A Special Pre-Approved Offer Azure City prison brings all walks of life together 27 February 2007
420 The Trial of Belkar Bitterleaf (Abridged) Belkar receives summary judgement for his crimes, and gets off pretty easy. 1 March 2007
421 Oratory of the Stick Elan does his best impersonation of Mel Gibson. He fails. 3 March 2007
422 March to War A parallel portrayal of the preparations of the pair of armies. 6 March 2007
423 Periodic Bombardment The Battle of Azure City begins with a chemistry lesson. 8 March 2007
424 A Wizard's Work Vaarsuvius springs into action against the elementals. 10 March 2007
425 War Makes Boys of Us All Roy takes three arrows for Elan. Sophomoric humor ensues. 13 March 2007
426 Three of a Kind Team Evil's plan unfolds with three Xykon's leading three divisions towards Azure City. The party must determine which one to face off with and which ones are decoys. 14 March 2007
427 They're Just Another Brick in the Wall Vaarsuvius helps General Chang hold the breach. 16 March 2007
428 It Takes a Thief Haley unravels Xykon's ruse. 20 March 2007
429 Stay on Target... Battle is joined between the Order of the Stick and Xykon. 22 March 2007
430 Rematch Roy confronts Xykon, who can't quite seem to place him. 23 March 2007
431 My Three Xykons Redcloak explains the Xykon decoy ploy to the MitD 26 March 2007
432 Let Slip the Dogs of War The Azurites defend the walls against hobgoblin scaling ladders. 28 March 2007
433 Resource Management (433) Carnage on the wall sets the backdrop upon which the final moments of Hobgoblin Warrior from Strip #433 Panel 3 are tragically yet heroically portrayed. 30 March 2007
434 Heavy is the Head Roy and Xykon continue their aerial combat. Roy learns about the crown theft of which started his family's blood oath. 2 April 2007
435 Amoral Dilemma Belkar's inner lack of conscience wars with itself over what to do about the attempted assassination of Hinjo. 5 April 2007
436 Non-Military Intelligence The errant shot of the poisoned arrow segues the reader back to Vaarsuvius at the breach in the wall. 6 April 2007
437 Battle Momentum The Death Knight is the first through the breach. 10 April 2007
438 The Paladin is Your Pal Elan and Haley get caught passing notes in battle. 11 April 2007
439 Seeing Orange Belkar piles up the corpses. 14 April 2007
440 Flew the Coop Vaarsuvius and General Chang face off against the Death Knight. 17 April 2007
441 Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead Roy's heroic act of defiance has a practical effect on V's life and future world events. 19 April 2007
442 We Can Do This the Easy Way... The battle between Roy and Xykon concludes. 20 April 2007
443 The First Step is a Doozy Roy falls to his death. 23 April 2007
444 He's Dead, Jim Haley and Durkon discover Roy's fate. 25 April 2007
445 A Song for the Departed Elan composes a lay for the departed Roy. 27 April 2007
446 Hell of a Job Xykon takes on a new recruit to Team Evil. 30 April 2007
447 Guarding the Sapphire Xykon faces the Sapphire Guard in the throne room. 4 May 2007
448 Just Crazy Enough to Work Xykon uses a symbol of insanity to reach the throne. 4 May 2007
449 Land of the Rising... The Ghost-martyr of Soon Kim arrives and the Xykon realizes this isn't going to be as easy as he though it would. 7 May 2007
450 Wands Are for Suckers Belkar finds a new toy. 9 May 2007
451 Change of Direction Redcloak commits the reserves in an all-or-nothing gambit. 12 May 2007
452 Breaking and Entering Morale at the breach waivers as the full weight of Xykon's army descends on Azure City. 15 May 2007
453 Heck of a Fight Hinjo deals with threats from all sides, with a little help from Durkon. 17 May 2007
454 The Longshot Haley attempts a last-ditch effort to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. 19 May 2007
455 Incoming! Elan covers the team's expeditious retreat. 21 May 2007
456 Saved Game Redcloak and the High Priest of Azure City have an epic cleric's duel. 23 May 2007
457 Anti-Human Resources Tsukiko starts her first day of work at Team Evil. 26 May 2007
458 Exit Strategy The Linear Guild uses the chaos of the battle to escape from the Azure City prison. 29 May 2007
459 Negative Feelings Team evil does battle with the oathspirits of the Sapphire Guard 30 May 2007
460 Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign Miko once again reads the signs all wrong. 5 June 2007
461 I've Got a Bad Feeling About This... Miko Miyazaki makes her way to the throne room as the remaining Order of the Stick are cut off from doing the same. 5 June 2007
462 Good Idea, Bad Idea A near dead Redcloak gets healed, and Tsukiko learns what it is like to be on the evil team. 7 June 2007
463 Shattered Soon's Gate is destroyed, and the fallout. 8 June 2007
464 Not for Everyone The death of Miko. 12 June 2007
465 No One Likes a Tattletale A near dead Redcloak gets healed, and Tsukiko learns what it is like to be on the evil team. 14 June 2007
466 I Think I Left it in the Bag... The Battle of Azure City comes to an end as Team Evil now owns the city. 17 June 2007
467 Learn to Play it Right Much discussion is had to arrive at the usual Order of the Stick battle plan: retreat. 19 June 2007
468 Splitting Up is Hard to Do Haley and Belkar decide to go back for Roy's body while Elan and Durkon go with the Azurites to the docks. 21 June 2007
469 Crossbones As Haley and Belkar infiltrate behind enemy lines, they find that Belkar's latest weapon is more of a liability. 26 June 2007
470 With Three Arrows Left in the Quiver Haley shows off her combat effectiveness. 28 June 2007
471 A Triumphant Return As the team makes for the docks, Elan finds a new lute. 30 June 2007
472 I'll Hold Them Off Daigo and Kazumi get names, and thus, become important. 3 July 2007
473 On the Waterfront Lien holds the dock until the party can arrive, but they still can't leave without the rest of the Order of the Stick 7 July 2007
474 The Body Snatcher Haley and Belkar search for Roy's body. 11 July 2007
475 Crashing the Party Haley and Belkar negotiate with the MitD to try to recover Roy's body and the paralyzed O-Chul. 14 July 2007
476 I Don't Suppose You Have Any Nutmeg? Belkar serves up a delicious vulture stew and they almost get away with O-Chul and Roy's body. 17 July 2007
477 Shock and Awwwwww As Haley and Belkar attempt to leave with Roy and O-Chul, they encounter some resistance from the Monster in the Darkness 22 July 2007
478 On Usefulness The Azurites try to hold off Redcloak at the junk long enough for Haley and Belkar to return. While they don't arrive yet, they do find a lost party member. 28 July 2007
479 Jaws of Life Lien shows her usefulness in the aquatic milieu. 1 August 2007
480 Change of Address Needed Hinjo faces Redcloak and comes up a short. 5 August 2007
481 Cutting the Cord The last of the Azurites weigh anchor as the docks are overrun. 9 August 2007
482 Leaving Azure City Elan grapples with the fact that they have left Haley behind. 16 August 2007
483 Broken Stick The party is split, giving rise to the title of the next book. 23 August 2007
484 At the End of the Day At the end of War and XPs, we take a look at where all the characters are. 26 August 2007

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