There are many characters who speak with colored speech bubbles, mostly unnatural characters like celestial and undead creatures. Also, colored speech boxes are sometimes used for off-panel narration.

Celestial characters Edit

Gods Edit

Border: black, background: khaki, text: : Gods of the North (Odin, Thor, etc.)

Border: black, background: LightSteelBlue, text: : Gods of the South (The Twelve Gods) [999]

Border: black, background: LightCoral, text: : Gods of the West (Marduk, Tiamat, etc.) [999]

Border: black, background: LightGreen, text: : Gods of the East (Zeus, Ares, etc.) [273]

Border: black, background: #BBBBCC, text: black: Dark One, after deification[704]

Workers in Celestia Edit

Border: #D5A22C, background: #FFFAB2, text: black: Roy's Bureaucratic Deva[487]

Border: white, background: #F4B946, text: black: Roy's Archon[492]

Border: white, background: #FCF64C, text: black: Another Archon in Celestia[493]

Border: white, background: #F8F400, text: black: Lantern Archons in Xykon's tower[194]

Undead characters Edit

Border: white, background: black, text: white: Xykon, the Death Knight, the Huecuva, the Eye of Fear and Flame, ghouls, ghasts, dead Roy in Haley's imagination[474], the doctor in the Sunken Valley[328], vampires

Border: #00AD49, background: black, text: #00AD49: Roy close to undeath as a bone golem[645]

Border: black, background: #898989, text: black: Dead goblin under the Speak with Death spell[95]

Fiends Edit

Border: black, background: #E2382B, text: white: Surtur, Thor's opponent[40]

Border: #CB3A2C, background: black, text: #CB3A2C: Qarr, big devil helping Qarr[585]

Border: yellow, background: black, text: {{{3}}}: Lee

Border: DarkOrange, background: black, text: {{{3}}}: Cedrik

Border: RebeccaPurple, background: black, text: {{{3}}}: Nero

Demon Cockroaches:
No border or background, pink text.

Related characters Edit

Border: #F07DA9, background: black, text: #F07DA9: Soul-Spliced Vaarsuvius[635]

Border: #EE922B, background: black, text: #EE922B: Ganonron[646]

Border: #F5F100, background: black, text: #F5F100: Jephton[646]

  • TeeVo announcing itself: multicolor text, light yellow border, black background[415]
    • persons seen in TeeVo: black text and border, light yellow background[415]

Magic Edit

Color on White Edit

Border: MediumPurple, background: white, text: {{{3}}}: The Giant Illusory Head of Shojo [569]

Border: grey, background: white, text: {{{3}}}: Zz'dtri [789]

Border: firebrick, background: white, text: {{{3}}}: Truth-Sayer, Belkar's Shoulder Devils [327] [435]

Border: ForestGreen, background: white, text: {{{3}}}: Liar [327]

Border: DodgerBlue, background: white, text: {{{3}}}: Belkar's Former Shoulder Angel [327]

Ghosts - White on color Edit

Border: DodgerBlue, background: LightSkyBlue, text: {{{3}}}: Eugene Greenhilt, in ghost form. [1048]

Border: LightSkyBlue, background: DodgerBlue, text: {{{3}}}: Roy Greenhilt, as a ghost. [526]

Border: IndianRed, background: DarkRed, text: {{{3}}}: The Ghost of Lame Masters Past [526]

Illusions / Feys / Dragons - White on Color Edit

Border: white, background: DodgerBlue, text: {{{3}}}: Celia

Border: White, background: DarkRed, text: {{{3}}}: Celia posing as "Darkblood Gloomgloom". [538]

Border: white, background: FireBrick, text: {{{3}}}: Eugene Greenhilt, posing as the Being of Pure Law and Good. [283]

Border: White, background: Limegreen, text: {{{3}}}: The Oracle in a oracular trance and a Magic Mouth. [331] [324]

Border: White, background: RoyalBlue, text: {{{3}}}: Blue?agon [619]

Border: White, background: Peru, text: {{{3}}}: The Fairy Earth Sigil Guardian [51]

Border: White, background: OrangeRed, text: {{{3}}}: The Fire Sigil Guardian [52]

Border: white, background: mediumpurple, text: {{{3}}}: Mother Dragon and her son. [626] [183]

Black on Color Edit

Border: palegreen, background: lightgreen, text: {{{3}}}: Chlorine Elemental (also has a "gas-like" tail pointing towards it instead of a triangle tail) [626]

Border: black, background: darkorange, text: {{{3}}}: Salamanders of the Fire Sigil [52]

Color on Color Edit

Border: Steelblue, background: Darkblue, text: {{{3}}}: Soon Kim's Oath Spirit [449]

Border: MediumPurple, background: Thistle, text: {{{3}}}: Illusory Girard Draketooth [693]

Border: Darkred, background: LightSalmon, text: {{{3}}}: Empress of Blood [719]

Other speech effects Edit

  • Whispers - Gray text, dashed border, white background.
  • Asides/faint - Smaller font.
  • Elan's songs - His short songs have no border or background. Black text, put on a sinus wave, with a few notes. His longer songs are similar to regular speech bubbles, except with a wave like shape.
  • Haley's Self Loathing is translucent, as is her dialogue and Haley's answers (Black text, black border on translucent white background)
  • Music in Azure City: Purple text on white background. (Comic 304)
  • Malack's speech bubbles have a wavering tail pointing towards him instead of a triangle tail pointing to other speakers. The reason is not revealed yet.
  • Injured/sick characters had also wavering tail bubbles (Elan Comic 6 Comic 235, Belkar Comic 602, Roy Comic 298, Redcloak Comic 462, Therkla Comic 593)
  • Telephone: Square Bubble, black outline and text with yellow background (Comic 667)