Order of the Stick Wiki

There are many characters who speak with colored speech bubbles, mostly unnatural characters like celestial and undead creatures. Also, colored speech boxes are sometimes used for off-panel narration.

Celestial characters[]


Border: black, background: khaki, text: : Gods of the North (Odin, Thor, etc.)

*note that Surtur has a red speech bubble early in the comic, but yellow at the Godsmoot[1019]

Border: black, background: LightSteelBlue, text: : Gods of the South (The Twelve Gods)[999]

Border: black, background: LightCoral, text: : Gods of the West (Marduk, Tiamat, etc.)[999]

Border: black, background: LightGreen, text: : Gods of the East (Zeus, Ares, etc.) [273]

Border: black, background: #BBBBCC, text: black: Dark One, after deification[704]

Workers in Celestia[]

Border: #D5A22C, background: #FFFAB2, text: black: Roy's Bureaucratic Deva[487]

Border: white, background: #F4B946, text: black: Roy's Archon[492]

Border: white, background: #FCF64C, text: black: Another Archon in Celestia[493]

Border: white, background: #F8F400, text: black: Lantern Archons in Xykon's tower[194]

Undead characters[]

Border: white, background: black, text: white: Xykon, the Death Knight, the Huecuva, the Eye of Fear and Flame, ghouls, ghasts, dead Roy in Haley's imagination[474], the doctor in the Sunken Valley[328], vampires

Border: #00AD49, background: black, text: #00AD49: Roy close to undeath as a bone golem[645]

Border: black, background: #898989, text: black: Dead goblin under the Speak with Death spell[95]


Border: black, background: #E2382B, text: white: Surtur, Thor's opponent[40]

Border: #CB3A2C, background: black, text: #CB3A2C: Qarr, big devil helping Qarr[585]

Border: yellow, background: black, text: {{{3}}}: Lee

Border: DarkOrange, background: black, text: {{{3}}}: Cedrik

Border: RebeccaPurple, background: black, text: {{{3}}}: Nero

Demon Cockroaches:

No border or background, pink text.

Related characters[]

Border: #F07DA9, background: black, text: #F07DA9: Soul-Spliced Vaarsuvius[635]

Border: #EE922B, background: black, text: #EE922B: Ganonron[646]

Border: #F5F100, background: black, text: #F5F100: Jephton[646]

  • TeeVo announcing itself: multicolor text, light yellow border, black background[415]
    • persons seen in TeeVo: black text and border, light yellow background[415]


Color on White[]

Border: MediumPurple, background: white, text: {{{3}}}: The Giant Illusory Head of Shojo [569]

Border: grey, background: white, text: {{{3}}}: Zz'dtri [789]

Border: firebrick, background: white, text: {{{3}}}: Truth-Sayer, Belkar's Shoulder Devils [327] [435]

Border: ForestGreen, background: white, text: {{{3}}}: Liar [327]

Border: DodgerBlue, background: white, text: {{{3}}}: Belkar's Former Shoulder Angel [327]

Ghosts - White on color[]

Border: DodgerBlue, background: LightSkyBlue, text: {{{3}}}: Eugene Greenhilt, in ghost form. [1048]

Border: LightSkyBlue, background: DodgerBlue, text: {{{3}}}: Roy Greenhilt, as a ghost. [526]

Border: IndianRed, background: DarkRed, text: {{{3}}}: The Ghost of Lame Monsters Past [526]

Illusions / Feys / Dragons - White on Color[]

Border: white, background: DodgerBlue, text: {{{3}}}: Celia

Border: White, background: DarkRed, text: {{{3}}}: Celia posing as "Darkblood Gloomgloom". [538]

Border: white, background: FireBrick, text: {{{3}}}: Eugene Greenhilt, posing as the Being of Pure Law and Good. [283]

Border: White, background: Limegreen, text: {{{3}}}: The Oracle in a oracular trance and a Magic Mouth. [331] [324]

Border: White, background: RoyalBlue, text: {{{3}}}: Blue Dragon [619]

Border: White, background: Peru, text: {{{3}}}: The Fairy Earth Sigil Guardian [51]

Border: White, background: OrangeRed, text: {{{3}}}: The Fire Sigil Guardian [52]

Border: white, background: mediumpurple, text: {{{3}}}: Mother Dragon and her son. [626] [183]

Black on Color[]

Border: palegreen, background: lightgreen, text: {{{3}}}: Chlorine Elemental (also has a "gas-like" tail pointing towards it instead of a triangle tail) [626]

Border: black, background: darkorange, text: {{{3}}}: Salamanders of the Fire Sigil [52]

Border: black, background: #BEE1F9, text: black: Enor[713]

Color on Color[]

Border: Steelblue, background: Darkblue, text: {{{3}}}: Soon Kim's Oath Spirit [449]

Border: MediumPurple, background: Thistle, text: {{{3}}}: Illusory Girard Draketooth [693]

Border: #671B12, background: #F7B796, text: #671B12: Empress of Blood [719]

Border: Purple, background: MediumPurple, text: {{{3}}}: Crystal as a flesh golem[971]

Border: #80AE72, background: #D6E78C, text: #80AE72: Serini Toormuck after troll blood infusion[1189]

Border: #9D6C3A, background: #F9CE7E, text: #9D6C3A: Sunny the Beholder[1189]

Other speech effects[]

  • Whispers - Gray text, dashed border, white background.
  • Asides/faint - Smaller font.
  • Elan's songs - His short songs have no border or background. Black text, put on a sinusoidal wave, with a few notes. His longer songs are similar to regular speech bubbles, except with a wave like shape.
  • Haley's Self-Loathing is translucent, as is her dialogue and Haley's answers (Black text, black border on translucent white background)
  • Music in Azure City: Purple text on white background. (Comic 304)
  • Malack's speech bubbles have a wavering tail pointing towards him instead of a triangle tail pointing to other speakers. This allowed his vampirism to remain hidden from the reader until it was revealed.
  • Injured/sick characters had also wavering tail bubbles (Elan Comic 6 Comic 235, Belkar Comic 602, Roy Comic 298, Redcloak Comic 462, Therkla Comic 593)
  • Telephone: Square Bubble, black outline and text with yellow background (Comic 667)