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Loki is the God of Fire[2][3] and Mischief[2] of the Asgardian Pantheon and the nemesis of his brother, Thor. He is the son of Odin and the father of Hel. He is depicted as being less pretentious than Thor.[4]

He is the patron of Hilgya Firehelm, formerly of the Linear Guild, of the unnamed human cleric in Greysky City who removed the Greater Mark of Justice from Belkar and his own High Priest. Despite being the God of Mischief, Loki is depicted as having a much more serious personality than Thor, playing the straight man to Thor's frat boy buffoonery.[5]

Biography Edit


Loki (right) fighting Thor (left).

Background Edit

Loki is responsible for Hel's decreased power in World 2.0. During its formation, he convinced Hel to trade her ability to have living clerics for the right to all dwarven souls who died dishonorably. Hel did not count on Thor telling the dwarves about this and their subsequent development of an honor culture which prevents most of them from belonging to Hel after death.[6]

After the ascendance of the Dark One, it was Loki who recognized the value of purple quiddity, and stayed Thor's hand when he wanted to try to destroy him. Loki attempted to keep up a good relationship with the Dark One, but the Dark One learned about the Snarl himself, cutting off all communication with Loki.[7]

Utterly Dwarfed Edit

During the Godsmoot, Loki was the first to speak against preemptively destroying the Earth, opposing Heimdall's advice.[8]

Loki and Thor worked together to divert Hel's attention in the critical moments leading up to the Council of Clans when Hel's vampires had rigged the vote in favor of the destruction of the world. Loki made it clear to Thor that he was only helping him because the possibility to finally destroy the Snarl, and would have preferred to help his daughter overthrow Odin.[9]


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