Look More Closelier
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 525
Date published 26 January 2008
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"Pretender to the Throne" "He's Just Pine-ing for the Fjords"
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Roy consults his father on a way to communicate with Haley from the afterlife.

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Panel 1

Eugene and Roy watch from their Celestial demiplane.
Roy: Heh heh, good for you, Haley. Take that little jerk down a peg.
Eugene Greenhilt: Are you done watching this complete waste of time yet?

Panel 2

Roy: "Waste of time"? Are we watching the same scrying pool? She's raised an entire resistance movement pretty much on her own.
Roy: Mind you, I really wish she had managed to find a cleric to raise me by now, but given her sharply limited resources, I think she's doing pretty well for herself.

Panel 3

Eugene: She's just frittering away a perfect opportunity! Xykon is right there, she should be trying to kill him!
Roy: She's helping innocent people, Dad. That's never a waste.
Eugene: It is when she could help MORE innocent people by destroying one creature.

Panel 4

Roy: She's a rogue. It's not like she can Sneak Attack a lich with a bow. The arrow would go right through his ribcage.
Eugene: Funny, I seem to remember making a similar argument regarding swords once... How'd that end up working out for you?

Panel 5

Roy: Well, it's not going to matter in a few minutes anyway.
Roy: That's my corpse she's pulling in the cart, and more importantly right now, my sword.
Eugene: Didn't we just cover that a sword won't be enough.

Panel 6

Roy: She's not going to swing it, Dad. It's my sword, the Greenhilt sword.
Roy: You told me it was the spiritual link—that you were able to appear to me in ghost form because the sword was whole.
Roy: All we need is for me to pop down as a ghost, tell Haley where to find Durkon, and we can get this show on the road!

Panel 7

Eugene: Your dwarf friend is out at sea somewhere, how's she gonna—
Roy: I'll worry about that later. If she knows I can lead her to Elan, she'll have reason to escape the city instead of waiting for them to come back. That alone will be progress.

Panel 8

Roy: So quit your naysaying and tell me how to get from up here to down there as a ghost.
Eugene: Well, if you put it like that, it's very simple.
Eugene: You need to look down into the scrying pool and concentrate on your sword.

Panel 9

Roy: OK, I'm concentrating.
Eugene: No, Roy, you reall need to absorb the scene. Notice every detail.
Roy: OK, I'm absorbing it all.

Panel 10

Eugene: No, Roy, you really need to focus on—
Roy: I'm focused already! Now what?
Eugene: Now this.
Eugene: Summon Boot!

Panel 11

A giant boot materializes and kicks Roy off the edge of the cloud. "PUNT!"
Roy: GAH!

Panel 12

Roy's spirit falls down to earth.
Roy (off-panel): AAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Eugene: Ha! Now who's been taken down a peg?
Roy's Archon: *sigh* It's opportunities like this that really make me miss having feet.

D&D Context Edit

  • Sneak attack is a Rogue ability which adds damage dice when the character is able to attack unseen, from a flank, or from the rear.
  • Certain types of monsters have natural resistance to damage from certain weapon types. Liches, being skeletal, have damage reduction against slashing and piercing weapons, including arrows.
  • Summon Boot of course is not a canonical spell.

Trivia Edit

  • Eugene explains how the Greenhilt sword had allowed him to manifest himself to Roy in #291.

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