"Durkon"'s thrall triggers a memory of someone else calling someone "master". The vampires discuss how their hosts failings have made them suited for their current roles.

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Panel 1

Usher with Sandy Hair: Everything's ready, Master.
"Durkon": Excellent. Thank you.

Panel 2

Cut to Durkon's memory
Janna: Master, as your humble apprentice, I would request permission to honor your nephew with a song I wrote for this holy occaision.
Thirden: I've asked you not to call me, "Master," Janna. It's creepy. And you don't need anyone's approval to sing a song.

Panel 3

Janna: Thank you Master! Ahem...
Janna (singing): All honor to Durkon Thundershield
Whose piety is unconcealed!
Today, he becomes a cleric
Which is impressive by any metric!

Panel 4

Durkon (whispering): Och, Squeaky, she's terrible!
Thirden (whispering): Of course! If she were any good, she wouldn't have anything to learn from me!

Panel 5

Cut back to the Temple of Thor in Firmament.
"Durkon": Exarch, if you're done scolding the architectural elements, we're moving on.
Gontor: I'm sorry Master.
Gontor: I just can't stand it when things aren't the way they're supposed to be. It's my host's fault.

Panel 6

Gontor: This cretinous little dwarf in my head, he had his entire life laid out for him.
Gontor: His parents went through the trouble to provide him with a career in the family business and an arranged marriage with a slightly more prosperous clan—

Panel 7

Gontor: —and he threw it all away to go worship rocks! It makes me sick!
"Durkon": I understand, Exarch, though my dwarf has the opposite problem.

Panel 8

"Durkon": He seems to have lived his life as the mortal equivalent of a support beam, without ever satisfying his own desires.
"Durkon": Even the memories of his most important days tend to be about other people!
"Durkon": But if he were any good at getting the revenge he deserves, he wouldn't have anything to learn from me, I suppose.

Panel 9

Gontor: See? We're perfect for our roles! You're a great leader, Master, and I'm a great follower!
"Durkon": Ha! Yes. As it should be.

Panel 10


Panel 11

Vampire with Long Hair: So... do we have any idea where we're going?
Gontor: Why won't you get onboard with the "great leader" narrative alaready?!?

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  • This is the first appearance of Janna, Thirden's apprentice bard.
  • Originally, the comic's title was "Followers Follow". However, after it was pointed out that it shared a title with another comic page, Rich Burlew decided to change the name.[1] There are, this decision notwithstanding, multiple comics with duplicate names.

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  1. GiantITP Forum post by Rich Burlew

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