Fighting a goblin, Durkon belatedly remembers his bonuses.

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Panel 1

Roy, Durkon, and Belkar fighting goblins while Elan plays his bard song. "♪♪"

Panel 2

Durkon misses with a "Wooosh!"
Goblin: Missed!

Panel 3

Durkon misses with another "Wooosh!"
Goblin: Ha, missed again!

Panel 4

Roy: Hey, Durkon, don't forget to add in the bonus from Elan's bard song.
Durkon turns and faces Roy as the goblin raises his axe behind his back
Durkon: Oh, right. In tha' case I think I hit 'im tha' first time.

Panel 5

Out of nowhere the goblin is hit with a "Thunk!" and drops his axe.

Panel 6

Roy: Plus, did you remember how much you hate orcs and goblinoids? That's another +1.
Durkon: Och, right. Then I musta hit 'im both times.

Panel 7

The Goblin takes another "Thunk!"

Panel 8

Durkon: Agh! He's still on 'is feet!
Roy: Don't forget the bard song also adds +1 damage.
Durkon: Ooh! That's right!

Panel 9

Goblin: Ack!

Panel 10

The Goblin falls over dead

Panel 11

Durkon (jumping for joy): Huzzah! I got 'im!
Roy (to the reader): You know, he'd be a pretty good warrior if he had a better head for numbers.

D&D Context Edit

  • With the many different moving bonuses in D&D it's easy to forget some of them, remember later and then retroactively add them. This strip satirizes the common mishap.
  • Dwarves gain +1 on their attack rolls because of a hatred of orcs and goblinoids.

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  • The first panel is reminiscent of the first panel of #1.
  • It's interesting to note that Elan was actually quite useful in this strip.

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