Redcloak spplrtches two of the three remaining elves into dense bloody paste thanks to his newly-gained 9th-level Implosion spell. Thanh tells the Resistance paladin with the phylactery to run and hide, since the phylactery can't be detected with magic—but the goblins have a polymorphed spy of their own in the shape of a human who leads the paladin straight into a demon-trapped tunnel and reclaims the phylactery.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

Panel 1

Resistance Halberdier: Redcloak?? HERE?!?
Peregrine Commander: ATTACK!
Ho Thanh: No, retreat! Before they cut us off with—

Panel 2

A pit fiend teleports behind the pink-haired Team Peregrine member as she's casting, "pop!"
Pink-Haired Peregrine Team Member: Dismiss—

Panel 3

The pit fiend attacks her with a claw, "SCHRRTCH!", causing her spell to fail, "fizzle!"

Panel 4

In the middle of the melee, Team Peregrine Commander slays a bearded devil to make his way to Redcloak. Team Peregrine Lieutenant fires an arrow, "fft!", but it is deflected by Redcloak's Protection From Arrows spell, "deflect!"
Peregrine Commander: You will be repaid for each elf slain with the bite of my steel, goblin!!
Redcloak: If it’s all the same to you, I’m going to try not to waste my breath trading threats with a dead man.
Redcloak: Damn it, I just did it right there, didn’t I?
Redcloak: Screw it. Implosion.

Panel 5

Pregrine Commander's head begins to deform
Peregrine Commander: Wha— what’s—

Panel 6

His head and body implode into an unrecognizable mess with a sickening "SPPLRTCH!"

Panel 7

Redcloak: Nothing quite like the feel of a new spell level.
Redcloak: Now, I believe one of you is holding on to some fine jewelry that belongs to me.
He points at Peregrine Lieutenant who also implodes into a mess of parts and blood with a "KLRRTCHP!"

Panel 8

Thanh: You need to get that cursed thing away from here! He can’t locate it with magic, so get out and HIDE!
Thanh: We’ll hold them off as long as we can!
Goblinoid Spy: This way! I know a secret tunnel!

Panel 9

The Resistance leader with the top-knot runs in a dark tunnel with another resistance member.
Resistance Leader with Top-knot: I can’t believe this is happening. How did he know that we had it?
Goblinoid Spy: Don’t worry, we’re almost at the end.
Resistance Leader with Top-knot: Of the tunnel?
Goblinoid Spy: No.

Panel 10

Goblinoid Spy: The end of me having to live like one of you stinking humans.
Goblinoid Spy: Do you know how many weeks I sat in that prison, waiting for you to “rescue” me?
Resistance Leader with Top-knot: *gasp!* Bastard! A pit fiend waits at the end of the tunnel.

Panel 11

Goblinoid Spy: What, did you really think you folks had invented the idea of polymorphed spies?
Goblinoid Spy: Guess this serves as a valuable lesson on books and covers and all that.

Panel 12

A pit fiend awaits them in the tunnel. It picks up Top-knot and rips him in half. The phylactery falls into the waiting hand of the spy.
Goblinoid Spy: Or not. I’m probably reading too much into it.

D&D Context[edit | edit source]

  • Redcloak has a new spell level available, and a new 9th level spell, Implosion, indicating that he has recently gone up to 17th level.
  • Implosion allows the caster to concentrate on a target and cause it to implode. He can do this for up to four targets over four rounds.
  • The Pink-Haired Team Peregrine Member attempted to cast Dismissal a 5th level spell which forces an extraplanar creature back to its home plane.
  • In panel 4, Redcloak was able to Deflect the arrow fired by the Team Peregrine Lieutenant. This sort of bonus is due to either magic armor he is wearing, or a spell such as Shield of Faith.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the final appearance in life of Resistance Leader with Top-knot, with an additional spot as an illusion in Elan, Haley, and Roy's phantasm dream in #887. The character first appears in #533.
  • This is the final appearance of Team Peregrine Commander, Team Peregrine Lieutenant, and in life of Pink-Haired Team Peregrine Member, leaders of the elven strike team sent to aid their allies in Azure City. They first appeared in #670, The War Council.
  • This is only other appearance of the Summoned Pit Fiends and the Bearded Devil Who is Slain by the Peregrine Commander. They first appeared in the previous strip.

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