The Order runs into an unorthodox trap.

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Panel 1

Goblin with Acne: And that was the Corridor That Takes Three Strips to Walk Through.
Haley: I wonder why they call it that.
Roy steps through a tripwire, "snag!"
Roy: Uh oh.

Panel 2

Some brown goo comes out of a spout, "click!"

Panel 3

Haley jumps while the goo is coming out, covering Roy, "sploosh!"

Panel 4

Haley performs a jump split above the torrent of goo.

Panel 5

Haley comes down untouched by the goo.

Panel 6

Elan: Man I wish *I* had Trap Sense as a class ability.
Roy: Show off.

Panel 7

Roy: What is this stuff? Some kind of acid?
Elan: Blech. It's all sticky!
Belkar: No way. I know acid, I've been splashed by acid several times before and this, sir, is no acid.

Panel 8

Roy: What is it then?
Vaarsuvius: I could make an Alchemy skill check.
Durkon: Don'tcha mean Craft (Alchemy)?
Vaarsuvius: Silence.

Panel 9

Belkar: Wait—Halfling senses activated!
Belkar: Sensing vinegar...molasses...tomato paste...brown sugar!

Panel 10

Vaarsuvius: Fascinating. This, then, poses an even more interesting question.

Panel 11

Vaarsuvius: Namely, what purpose is served by a trap that sprays only barbecue sauce?
Panel zoomed out to show green dragons sniffing and drooling. "sniff! sniff!"

D&D Context Edit

  • Rogues, like Haley, have Trap Sense: the ability to search for and dodge traps better than other classes.
  • There is no Alchemy skill in D&D 3.5e. The closest is the Craft (Alchemy) skill. Alchemy is a skill in 2e, which the characters were back in the Dragon magazine strips.
  • Halflings are famous for their love of food, hence Belkar's ability to discern the ingredients of the sauce. Belkar also has ranks in Profession (Gourmet Chef), which was revealed in the Dragon magazine strip but would not be referenced in the web comic until #475.

Trivia Edit

  • Belkar's phrase about acid in the 7th panel probably is a reference to the famous Lloyd Bentsen's remark, addressed to Dan Quayle: "Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."
  • This is the first appearance of the Barbecue Sauce Dragons.

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