Bandana explains the geography of the Dwarven Lands. Haley and Elan make out on deck.

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Panel 1

Bandana and the Mechane Crewwoman with Bandana stand at the prow of the Mechane. Haley and Elan are approaching.
Bandana Secundus: Hmmm. I don't like how close we're getting to that big peak there.
Bandana: Tell Mateo to nudge us half a degree port.
Crewwoman: Yes, Captain.

Panel 2

Haley: Hey B., how come we don't just fly over all the mountains? That'd be a lot easier, right?
Bandana: We can't. Not enough of 'em, anyhow.
Bandana: The Mechane's got a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet, which is already a smidge more than most other airships.

Panel 3

Bandana: But that's OK, 'cause all the best paths between the peaks have been charted.
Bandana: Take a look.

Panel 4

An over-the-shoulder look at Bandana's map of the Dwarven Lands, showing all the major cities, mountains, and airship routes.
Bandana: Most trading ships fly through Fissure Gap to get to the major dwarf trading centers—
Bandana: —but the town we're headed to is over here. So we'll be going through Passage Pass.

Panel 5

Bandana turns to leave Haley and Elan at the bow.
Bandana: Which is aces with me. Last thing I need is the crew to get a whiff of some slow-moving blimp hauling a hold full of dwarven platinum back to Cliffport.
Bandana: I'm gonna turn in. See you two in the morning.
Haley: Good night!

Panel 6

Elan: Well, I'm glad we can't go over the top. I think all the snow-covered mountains are real pretty up close.
Haley: It is kinda romantic all alone on the front of the ship.

Panel 7

Elan: Do you want to get up on the bow and do the "king of the world" thing?
Haley: Nah. Doesn't seem fair, since our whole mission is about stopping people from becoming king of the world.
Haley: How 'bout you just kiss me instead?

Panel 8

They kiss.

Panel 9

Post-embrace, they share a moment holding hands and smiling at each other.

Panel 10

Elan: You were thinking about the blimps full of platinum, weren't you?
Haley: Imagining getting it on atop a mountain of coins still technically counts as thinking about you.

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  • The map in this strip provides most of the known geographical information about the Northern Continent, although some areas did have maps in bonus materials.
  • Elan references a scene from Titanic in panel 7.

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