Never Mind, She'd Need a Better Bow to Use It
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 773
Date published 2 February 2011
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"Haley's Commitment" "Telling Lies"
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Roy tells Haley that she was right not to tell him about her father being held for ransom.

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Panel 1

Elan is showing Banjo to Geoff.
Elan: ...and that's why Banjo's holy water is made with seltzer!
Haley: OK, Roy, I'm going to make this simple: When you and Belkar break out of here, you're taking my father with you.

Panel 2

Roy: Uh, based on the yelled-at-each-other portion of your conversation, it sounds like he doesn't want—
Haley: Whether he wants to or not.
Roy: Haley, I'm not going to force him to—

Panel 3

Haley: Yeah, you are. I babysat your decomposing corpse for months, you can do this for me.
Haley: It's not like I'm asking you to do anything that's not in his best interest. I just don't want this hanging over my head when we fight Xykon.

Panel 4

Roy: ...OK. Yeah, OK, I'll do it.
Roy: You're his daughter. I guess at his age, you have a right to determine where he lives for his own good.
Roy: It's sort of like putting him in a nursing home, only you're taking him AWAY from the abusive staff and daily loss of human dignity.

Panel 5

Roy: So I'll do it. But I'm still not breaking out of here until after that Tarquin guy gives up his secrets about Girard.
Haley: I'm not sure we can trust him to keep his end of the bargain any more, Roy.
Roy: Maybe. Maybe not.

Panel 6

Roy: If he welches, I may have another way of getting him to talk: I can go undercover.
Roy: He offered me a job if I survive my bout with the blue dragon bounty hunter tomorrow.

Panel 7

Roy: Which reminds me: On your way out, stop by the storage room and grab my equipment. Belkar's stuff, too.
Haley: Sure, no problem.

Panel 8

Haley: Roy, I'm sorry I never told you about the fact that my dad was being held for ransom.
Roy: No, you were right not to tell me.
Haley: ...I was?

Panel 9

Roy: Back when we first met, I wouldn't have trusted you at all if I knew that someone was holding you over a barrel like that.
Roy: I'd have assumed that you would sell out the party if it meant earning the money you needed. Instead, I just learned to live with your general all-purpose greed.
Roy: And later, if you had told me, I would be worried about the fact that you had kept it from me.

Panel 10

Roy: But you did stick by me all those months while I was dead. So you've earned my trust.
Haley: Thanks, Roy. That means a lot to me.

Panel 11

Roy: That's why I can ask you to pick up my magic items without worrying.
Haley: True. If I wanted to run away with your stuff, I had plenty of opportunity.

Panel 12

Haley: Though to be totally fair, that was before you got that awesome Belt of Giant Strength.
Roy: HEY!
Haley: What? You said it was all-purpose greed.

D&D Context Edit

  • Normally, melee weapons add the character's strength modifier to damage, while ranged weapons don't. However composite bows allow a character to do so as long as he/she has enough strength to wield it.

Trivia Edit

  • Roy received his Belt of Giant Strength in #687.
  • The title refers to the fact that Haley whould need a composite bow to actually use the bonus from the belt effectively.
  • Haley did fulfill Roy's request as seen by the contents of her Bag of Holding on #799.

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