Elan enjoys the Southern New Year celebration under Hinjo's nose.

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Panel 1

Six Azurites are performing a dragon dance for crowds of onlookers.
Elan: Wow! Hinjo, this is SO cool! What's going on???
Hinjo: They're celebrating. Tomorrow is New Year's Day.

Panel 2

Elan: Huh, I though that was like a few months ago.
Hinjo: Sure, up in the north, but we use a different calendar here.
Elan: Neat! It's like a bonus holiday!

Panel 3

Hinjo: New Year's is a time of renewal and rededication for my people.
Hinjo: Some choose to spend the time in quiet meditation, while others prefer to be more jubilant.
Hinjo: It is a time for new beginnings and new plotlines. Some of which may not be immediately apparent.

Panel 4

Elan: Let's go party!!
Hinjo: Believe me, I would love nothing more—

Panel 5

Hinjo: —but I can't. Unfortunately, I'm still the heir to Azure City's throne, which means people know who I am wherever I go.
Elan joins in on his lute to make music with a concertina player.

Panel 6

Hinjo: That means that, my personal feelings aside, we have a duty to maintain a certain level of decorum.
Elan, wearing a clown nose and star antennae engages in a puppet show with Banjo and a man with a large rod puppet monkey

Panel 7

Hinjo: In particular, it would be quite devastating to my uncle if we were to be connected to anything especially scandalous.
Elan runs around naked.
Elan: Wooooooooo! I'm invisible.

Panel 8

Hinjo: So, yeah, sorry we can't check out the party.
Elan: Gosh, don't feel bad, Hinjo. I'm not much for parties anyway.
Girl: Room 115, cutie.
Girl: Bring a friend.
Elan accepts key from the girl.

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  • Elan has an 18 Charisma, explaining why the women are delighted rather than horrified by Elan's nudity.

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  • Elan's "invisibility" is a reference to #25, Armor Begone, a running gag throughout the comic.
  • Chinese New Year, which follows the lunisolar Chinese calendar occurs between January 21st and February 20th in the Gregorian Calendar. This fits roughly with Elan's comment that the Northern new year occurred a few months prior to the Southern new year.
  • The Azurites in the first panel are performing a traditional Chinese Dragon dance. The culture of Azure City draws from a mixture of Japanese, Chinese and Korean sources.

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