A near dead Redcloak gets healed, and Tsukiko learns what it is like to be on the evil team.

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Panel 1

Xykon drops in carrying an injured Redcloak.
Xykon: Hey! Stupid hobgoblins! Your Grand Poobah needs a cleric!

Panel 2

Cleric #1: Supremer Leader!
Cleric #2: Cure Moderate Wounds!
Cleric #1: Cure Serious Wounds!
Cleric #2: Cure Moderate Wounds!

Panel 3

Redcloak: OK, OK, thanks, guys, I'll take it from here. Cure Critical Wounds.
Redcloak: Wait...why am I outdoors? What happened to the Gate?

Panel 4

Xykon: Some crazy beige bitch smashed it with a sword. Blew half the castle.
Redcloak: What?? NO! Goddamn it, we were so close!
Xykon: Tell me about it, I could practically smell the incense from my coronation as World Emperor. Which is really amazing, since I don't have a sense of smell.

Panel 5

Tsukiko walks into the scene.
Tsukiko: There you are!
Redcloak: Ugh, not this again.
Xykon: Who's this?
Redcloak: The new girl.
Tsukiko: Lord Xykon, I wish to register a complaint against this goblin!

Panel 6

Tsukiko: He wouldn't help me with the paperwork that you asked me to give him, and then he cast Blade Barrier right in front of me.
Tsukiko: And then he ordered his elemental to try and kill me!
Tsukiko: Plus, I think he dropped a castle on me!

Panel 7

Xykon: Redcloak, is this true?
Redcloak: No. Technically, I just ordered the elemental to kill all humans, and then "forgot" to make an exception for her.

Panel 8

Xykon: Oh, man, that's even funnier.
Redcloak: Heh, I know.
Tsukiko: Hey! You should discipline him!

Panel 9

Xykon: Listen, newbie, we're the villains. We play rough. You didn't die, so quit your whining and go do something useful.
Redcloak: Yeah, like go animate some of the few thousand new corpses that just got created.

Panel 10

Tsukiko walks off.
Tsukiko: Stupid goblin... I'll show him. I'll make the most powerful undead warrior he's ever seen from the first body I find!

Panel 11

Tsukiko: It'll be free-willed and evil and mean, with cool black and red armor, and it'll kill him, and I'll take over his job!

Panel 12

Tsukiko comes across the upper half of Miko's corpse.
Tsukiko: Oh, wait... that's only half. I need a whole corpse.

Panel 13

Tsukiko continues walking.
Tsukiko: Ah, never mind. That's a dumb idea.
Tsukiko: It probably wouldn't have been all that powerful anyway.

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  • This is the penultimate appearance of Miko Miyazaki, the powerful agent of Lord Shojo who captured the Order of the Stick but was blinded by her righteousness, fell from her paladin status, and destroyed Soon's Gate. A major character in the narrative, Miko made 68 appearances thus far. She first appeared at the end of the first book in #120, The End of the Beginning. Miko makes one more appearance in the web comic, in a flashback in #1024.

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