The Mechane makes an abrupt turn to port, ruining Elan's concentration on Mending the gas envelope. Roy fights the frost giant warriors but draws the wrong conclusions about why the boulders have stopped.

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Panel 1

Elan: Mend—

Panel 2

The Mechane turns to port with a "SKRRRREEEEEEEEEE"

Panel 3

Elan: —iinnnnnggg!!
The spell fails, "fizzle!"

Panel 4

Giantess: Your vessel is sinking lower by the moment, tiny speck of a man!
Roy: Maybe, but listen. Just listen:

Panel 5

Giantess: ...
Roy: The rock bombardment has stopped.

Panel 6

Roy: I'd love to believe that my rogue has bargained some wide-ranging peace deal that made her a tidy profit on the side—
Roy: —but chances are, my ranger just stabbed all your friends in the elbows and now they can't throw rocks.
Roy: Or my wizard killed them all and everyone they went to high school with, but let's not dwell on that.
Roy: Either way, I recommend surrendering.

Panel 7

Giantess: LIES! We are strong and Lord Thrym is with us!
Roy: Nnnnrrh!
Roy: Conjecture, sure. But not lies.

Panel 8

Roy: It's just the most probable outcome, given how strong my party is these days.
Roy: We're not the team that freaks out, fights among themselves, and then runs away anymore.

Panel 9

Felix: What the hell, Andi?!?
Carol: Please be OK, please be OK!
Andi: It's fine! It's all fine! Let's just get the hell out of here!
Mateo: Anyone have strong feelings on which way I should go around this next mountain?

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  • Roy's comment about Vaarsuvius is a reference to the Familicide spell that Haerta Bloodsoak once cast while Soul Spliced with V, which killed all the relatives of a black dragon, and anyone related to those relatives. Roy became aware of V's moral transgression in #944.

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