Northern Continent
Aliases Northern Lands

The Northern Continent[1][2], also known as the Northern Lands, is the area of the main continent north of the Southern Mountains but including the Division Mountains. This continent was the first area presented in Order of the Stick, and it has been the setting for numerous adventures. (see Plotlines, below)

While many nations and regions in the continent are known to exist, only maps of the Dwarven Lands and the region surrounding Greysky City, representing the northernmost and southernmost reaches of the continent, have been shown in the published Order of the Stick material. The border region of the Northern and Southern Continents is an isthmus, which along with the mountain ranges make a natural division between the two continents, despite them being one continuous landmass.

The continent is bounded by the Wet Sea to the west, the unnamed sea surrounding the North Pole to the north, the unnamed sea of which Cove Bay is a part to the east, and the aforementioned Division and Southern mountains to the south. The full size of the continent and political divisions are as-yet unknown.

Plot Lines Occurring in the Northern Continent Edit

  • #1-258: the Dungeon of Dorukan, the Sidequest for Starmetal, Capture by Miko Miyazaki, the Weary Travelers Inn and Tavern
  • #339-367: the Linear Guild's Cliffport plot
  • #387-390: Elan's escape from Cliffport
  • #573-581: Haley's return to Greysky City
  • #602-622: Haley's revenge on the Greysky City Thieves' Guild
  • #645-648: Completion of the Greysky arc
  • #964-1081+: Tinkertown, Godsmoot, Passage Pass, Team Evil at the North Pole, Dwarven Lands and beyond

Nations of the Northern Continent Edit

Cities, Towns, and Settlements in the Northern Continent Edit

† captial city

Other Locations and Regions in the Northern Continent Edit

References Edit

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