Not to Scale
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1008
Date published 8 October 2015
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"Your Worst" "Giving Up Hope"
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For the other comic titled "Not to Scale", see Not to Scale (413).

"Durkon" pulls out a classic Durkon move and Roy gets some help from Wrecan.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Wrecan (off-panel): Sneak attack from behind—

Panel 2

Wrecan: —is a thing I absolutely cannot do, because it would be against the rules.

Panel 3

Roy takes advantage of Wrecan's distraction, knocking "Durkon" over the balcony, "THONK!"

Panel 4

"Durkon" lands next to Hel's proxy, "CONK!"

Panel 5

Roy: Thanks.
Wrecan: It's the least I can do. Also, the most, unfortunately.

Panel 6

Roy: You gave me enough space to drink a potion. Or two.
Roy: Even with his vampire powers, his short little legs should give me a moment before he—

Panel 7

"Durkon" (off-panel): Hel's Might.

Panel 8

"Durkon", now monstrously sized, reaches over the balcony.
"Durkon": Now who's the short one?
"Durkon": Other than your lifespan, of course.

D&D Context Edit

  • This is the first time "Durkon" has cast Hel's Might, a non-standard D&D spell. As a cleric of Thor, Durkon often cast Thor's Might, and this appears to be the same spell. It seems to be a variant of the Righteous Might spell, granting a somewhat larger size than that spell would allow, although size categories are always a bit flexible in Order of the Stick.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final appearance of the god Heimdall. He first appeared in #998, "Three Sides to Every Story".
  • "Durkon's" statement upon using Hel's Might is pratically identical to his comment when Durkon first used Thor's Might, all the way back in #111.

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