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"I see worlds within worlds and yarn winding yarn."

Odin is the God of Magic[1] and head deity of the Northern Pantheon. He is based on the real-world Norse god of the same name.

In the previous world, the Northern population were barbarians who did not like magic. Because of this Odin suffered from a prolonged lack of Belief in that world, and he now appears to be suffering from some sort of dementia. However, he is revered in this world, and so Thor claims he will be better in a few centuries as he receives more Belief, one of the four sources of divine power, along with Worship, Dedication, and Souls. His degraded mental state may explain why he wanted to allow the puppet Banjo into his pantheon.[2]

Odin is the father of Thor and Loki, and is the grandfather of Hel. His High Priestess is the most senior High Priest of all the Asgardian gods. He is pictured with white hair and beard, seated, holding a spear, wearing an eyepatch and with two birds (ravens named Huginn and Muninn, according to mythology) flying behind his throne.


Though he is the head deity of the Northern Pantheon, his condition makes him act rather goofy. Despite this, he is one of those who appears to know the most about the Snarl and the world within the rifts more than anyone else.[citation needed]


Odin also appears in The Crayons of Time strips, which confirm that he is recognized as the head of his pantheon.

Odin is the god within his pantheon who dispenses prophecy. It was a prophecy (relayed via the High Priest of Odin) that led former High Priest of Thor Hurak to send Durkon away from the dwarven lands indefinitely. Odin does not recall making the prophesy.[3]


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