A Pantheon consists of all the deities in a religion. There are several such pantheons.

Every god in the same pantheon shares the same quiddity, or essence, which manifests to mortals as an aura of a specific color. The more different pantheons participate in the creation of something, the "more real" that something is, and the more difficult it is for divine beings to destroy. Currently, as far as Thor knows, the Snarl is the only thing remaining in all of existence to have been created by all four original pantheons, while the current world and all its inhabitants are only made out of three quiddity colors.[1]

The Original Four Edit

At the Dawn of Time, there were four Pantheons who created the world:

  • The Northern Pantheon, more commonly known as The Gods of the North. Their quiddity color is yellow.
  • The Southern Pantheon, often referenced as The Twelve Gods of the South. Their quiddity color is blue.
  • The Western Pantheon, also called The Gods of the West. Their quiddity color is red.
  • The Eastern Pantheon (deceased), remembered as The Gods of the East. Their quiddity color was green.

Later Pantheons Edit

At this time, there are likely several pantheons. Known additions are:

  • The Elven Pantheon, considered part of the Western Pantheon.
  • The Goblinoid Pantheon, consisting of a single god, the Dark One. His quiddity color is violet.

It is also possible that there are Kobold and Orcish pantheons as well. Elan seemed to be trying to start a pantheon of puppets featuring Giggles and Banjo the Clown.

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