The Order arrives at Zenith Peak.

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Panel 1

Inside Durkon's head
"Durkon": Also, the blood gets stuck in my whiskers when I’m drinking from someone’s neck.
"Durkon": It’s just inconvenient all around.

Panel 2

"Durkon": …
"Durkon": We’re slowing down.

Panel 3

Vampire Durkon stands on the deck of the Mechane.
Roy (off-panel): See? Told you we could get you here.
Veldrina (off-panel): Thank you soooo much, Mr. Greenhilt!

Panel 4

Roy: You’re welcome. Just put in a good word for us with your peers and we’ll be even.
Veldrina: Oh! I was planning on using several, but I’ll try to narrow it down.

Panel 5

Veldrina: Exemplary? Magnanimous? Creditable?
"Durkon": Look, lad! Thar it be. This’ll all be o’er soon, aye.
Elan: Huh. We learned about Zenith Peak in bard camp, but I don’t remember anyone saying there was a temple on it.
Wrecan: The Godsmoot is held at a different place every time, so that structure is temporary.

Panel 6

The Mechane approaches a round temple with flying buttresses that appears to be carved out of the living rock of the peak of the mountain.
Wrecan: They only built it this morning.
Veldrina: Estimable?

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  • The Order has been heading here since the events of #987 - The Soul of Discretion
  • In the first panel, "Durkon" continues his complaints about mustaches from the end of the previous strip.

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