Perform IS on the Aristocrat's Skill List
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 379
Date published 21 November 2006
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Roy comes clean to Shojo on the purpose of the mission to Cliffport, and Shojo reminds him of the cost.

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Panel 1

Roy, Nale and Belkar talk with Shojo. Belkar uses a ball of yarn to play with Mr. Scrufy. A bag lies next to them.
Shojo: ...and now you know the Secret Lore of the Sapphire Guard. Again.
Nale: Thanks! I'll try not to forget it this time.
Roy: I should hope not. Some of us don't get to fast-forward past the retelling, you know.

Panel 2

Shojo: On to other business. Other than the unfortunate accident, how did your attempt to track down Xykon's associate go?
Roy: What? Oh, right. Well, it, uh... well actually, we... ah, crap.

Panel 3

Roy: It turns out we forgot to actually ask him anything useful about Xykon. We just kicked his ass and sent him to prison.
Belkar: We were supposed to ask him questions? I thought—OWW!
Belkar is interupted by a swift kick to the chest by Roy.

Panel 4

Roy: The truth is, while yes, Nale is a known associate of Xykon's, we actually went to Cliffport because he had kidnapped my little sister.
Nale: What?!?
Roy: I guess we could head back there to ask Nale. He's just rotting in prison...

Panel 5

Shojo: Sorry, no. I'm going to have to veto the redundant side-trip to question the ex-minion.
Nale: Whew!
Shojo: We're in a hurry here. I want you at Girard's Gate as soon as possible.

Panel 6

Roy: Hey, don't order me around, Shojo.
Roy: I'm not one of your fawning subservient paladins. Let's not forget that I'm doing you a favor here.

Panel 7

Shojo: Ah yes, the favor of downsizing my personal staff for me?
Roy: Hey, he teleported us into a—
Shojo: What do you think, loyal wizard follower? Do you think Roy is doing a good job so far?

Panel 8

Shojo produces Wizard Guy's skeleton from the bag and holds it like a puppet.
Shojo: "Oh yes, Lord Shojo! I'm enjoying being a partially digested skeleton!"
Shojo: "Especially now that I've learned it happened on a trip that had no actual bearing on the mission for which he had been paid in advance!"
Belkar: Oooo! Burned by the geezer!

Panel 9

Roy: OK, fine. You're right, we'll head to Girard's Gate right now.
Shojo: Great idea! Here, I'll have my best wizard teleport you!

Panel 10

Shojo: "Sure thing, Lord Shojo!"
Shojo throws Wizard Guy's skeleton at Roy.
Shojo: "TELEPORT!!"
Roy: Gah!!

Panel 11

Shojo: Oh, look at that. It didn't work.
Shojo: I guess you'll have to wait until we're done resurrecting him. Come back tomorrow.

Panel 12

Belkar: That was friggin' fantastic. I wish this was a democracy so I could vote for that guy.
Roy: Really? 'Cause right now, I feel like he's been too soft on crime.
Roy: Specifically, yours.

D&D Context Edit

  • As the title notes, Perform is in the Aristocrat's skill list. Shojo is a level 14 Aristocrat. Perform is actually nine different subskills, each requiring a skill slot to gain proficiency. Shojo apparently has devoted slots to Perform (Puppetry), or if one is to fit it into the canonical categories, it would be Perform (Comedy).

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final appearance of Wizard Guy. He first appeared in #340.

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