Plot, Ahoy!
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 13
Date published 16 November 2003
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"Up a Level, Down a Level" "Why Roy is Always Tired"
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The readers (and Belkar) learn why the OotS is in this dungeon.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

The party is descending the stairs to the next lower level.
Roy: The stairs down! We are one step closer to our goal!
Belkar: We have a goal?
Haley: Why didn't you just SAY you wanted to go down?

Panel 2

Roy: Sure. Why did you think we were down here?
Belkar: Well I just figured we'd wander around, kill some sentient creatures just 'cause they have green skin and fangs and we don't, and then take their stuff.

Panel 3

The group stares angrily at Belkar.
Belkar: What?

Panel 4

Elan: Of course we have a goal, Belkar. Let me share it with you...
Roy: Oh no, here we go...

Panel 5

Cut to the exterior of the Dungeon of Dorukan, Dorukan's castle.
Elan (inset): We quest in the deep dark Dungeon of Dorukan, a horrible pit filled with evil monsters.
Haley (inset): And treasure!

Panel 6

Cut to Xykon in front of a heap of gold, jewels and a other treasure.
Elan (inset): Created by the mad lich Xykon, an undead mage mad with his own power.
Elan (inset): Oooo, bad lich.
Haley (inset): And treasure!

Panel 7

Flash-forward to a hypothetical future where Roy is decapitating Xykon with Greenhilt.
Elan (inset): But we will strike down the Xykon and make the countryside safe again!
Haley (inset): And treasure! Wait that doesn't make any sense...

Panel 8

Cut back to the party, who have arrived at the next level.
Belkar: This "treasure" idea intrigues me and I wish to learn more.
Durkon: How'd you do that lad, with th' pictures?
Elan: My newest bard spell; Summon Plot Exposition!

D&D Context Edit

  • The bard class is described as "jack of all trades, master of none." As such bards have access to some spell casting abilities, but not the same number or spell level as a wizard or cleric would have.
  • Belkar's comments are typical of a player who is a bad role player, only interested in fighting and acquiring items which increase his character's power, and unconcerned with the story elements of the adventure.

Trivia Edit

  • This comic marks Xykon's first appearance.
  • This comic is the first time Elan casts a bard spell - Summon Plot Exposition. Obviously, it is not an actual D&D spell.
  • The sound which Roy's sword makes, "Snicker snack!", is a reference to the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll.
  • Dorukan is first mentioned, but only by name. Surprisingly, Elan states that the dungeon was created by Xykon. (It could also be argued that Elan meant that the horrible monsters were created by Xykon.)

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