Roy trying to buy a polearm at the Polearm Emporium.

Polearm Emporium
is a weapons' shop in the town near the Redmountain Hills. Roy, having the Greenhilt Blade broken, attempted to buy a weapon until he realized after much time that the shop was out of mercantile; the seller only felt like wasting Roy's time. The shop is a polearm-vending version of the Monty Python "Cheese Shop" from the sketch of the same name.[1]

It was later revealed that the merchant's name is Jiminy and that he's the son of Geoff and Ivy, the nephew of Ian and the cousin of Haley.[2]


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  • Monty Python's "Spam" sketch is also referenced .(Roy asks for a glaive-glaive-glaive-guisarme-glaive)
  • The "Dead Parrot Sketch" sketch is also referenced in the same strip. (The cat brings a dead parrot and a python and puts them at Jiminy's feet.)
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