A Prestige Class is a secondary class of a character, attained when meeting some prerequisites.

Several characters in Order of the Stick have levels in a prestige class. In many cases, it is unknown what base class they leveled in before taking a prestige class.

Characters with levels in a prestige class:

Name Prestige Class Base Class Status
Chuck Arcane Trickster Rogue/Wizard Deceased
Crystal Assassin Unknown Deceased
Elan Dashing Swordsman Bard Alive
Jephton the Unholy Archmage Sorcerer Deceased
Julio Scoundrél Dashing Swordsman Unknown Alive
Oona Beastmaster Unknown Alive
Shadowdancer[1] Shadowdancer Unknown Alive
Tsukiko Mystic Theurge Wizard/Cleric Deceased

In addition to these, Kubota strongly implies in #595 that he has levels in a prestige class that allows him to fool magical lie detection. Which class is unclear, though several have been proposed (see Kubota’s main page).

In #209, Elan references the Master Samurai and Mean Old Cranky-Pants prestige classes. The former is a real D&D prestige class, though Miko does not have levels in it.


  1. Name unknown, only known by his prestige class.
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