The Order is missing Elan and has to get him back but someone doesn't want to come along, and it's not Belkar.

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Panel 1

Haley: Roy, they kidnapped Elan.
Roy: And your point is...?

Panel 2

Haley: My point is we have to help him! He's a member of this team!
Roy: See, now that's where our views seem to diverge.

Panel 3

Roy: I tend to see Elan more as an obstacle that this team overcomes on a regular basis.
Roy: Traveling with Elan is kind of like, say, adventuring with syphilis. It can be done, for a while, but it's not easy and it's not pretty.

Panel 4

Roy: So I say we all just thank the bandits for their allegorical penicillin shot and continue on our way.

Panel 5

Roy walks away.

Panel 6

Roy continues to walk away.

Panel 7

Roy notices no one is following him.

Panel 8

Roy: *sigh*

Panel 9

Haley: ...them back to their camp, we should find where they've taken him.
Belkar: And then what
Roy: I can't believe you ALL want to save Elan enough to risk your lives.

Panel 10

Durkon: He be tha heart an' soul o' the team, lad.
Vaarsuvius: He has proven his loyalty to you on several occasions, sir, and I would not discard my hard-earned friendship with him so carelessly.

Panel 11

Roy: Et tu, Belkar?
Belkar: If anyone is going to earn XP from his, it's going to be me. Plus, he makes me laugh.
Belkar: "Roy has boobies" *snicker*

Panel 12

Roy: Well, fine. Saving his useless ass from monsters or Belkar is one thing. Walking into a camp of armed bandits is suicide, though, and you can count me out.
Roy: I'll keep looking for the starmetal on my own, though.

Panel 13

Haley: Well that officially takes "Operation: Send the Meat Shield in First" off the table.
Belkar: Not to mention "Operation: Wait for Roy to Come Up With a Better Plan."

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  • Roy's "Et tu, Belkar?" quote is Latin for "You as well, Belkar?" and is a reference to Julius Caesar's legendary quote as he died at the hands of Brutus, who he'd thought his ally - "Et tu, Brute?". The line was made famous by its use in William Shakepeare's tragedy, Julius Caesar.
  • Belkar's reference to Elan's humor in the 11th panel is to comic #102.

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