Red Means Stop
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1011
Date published 6 November 2015
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"Green Means Go" "Yellow Means Caution"
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"Durkon" retreats into an antilife shell to wait out the Godsmoot.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: Normally, this would be the point where I would offer you one more chance to surrender and retract your vote peaceably.
"Durkon": Unnnh...

Panel 2

Roy: But as a certain half-orc once said, "Talky man talk too much."

Panel 3

High Priest of Balder: Hey guys, I finally got the attention of the demigod priests by shouting, "FREE CAKE," as loud as I could.
High Priest of Balder: I got the idea because everybody loves cake.

Panel 4

Roy: What? NO!
High Priest of Balder: More of a pie man, then?
Roy: Get back out there and stall them for another minute or two!

Panel 5

Cut to inside Durkon's mind.
"Durkon": Hrmmph. Missteps aside, I was still hoping to knock Roy off the board in case we needed the next phase.

Panel 6

Cut back to reality.
"Durkon": Congratulations on surviving, Roy. But now I'm afraid my mistress requires an end to this.
"Durkon": Antilife shell.

Panel 7

Roy: Damn it!

Panel 8

Roy slashes at the shell to no effect, "WWHHZZZSH!"
Roy: Rnnnngh!
"Durkon": By all means, swing away.
"Durkon": Nothing that's still alive can penetrate this barrier however.

Panel 9

"Durkon": On the bright side, all your hopes and dreams can pass through it easily now, as can your chances of saving the day or ever seeing Durkon again.
"Durkon": Your futile rage is still hedged out, of course.

D&D Context Edit

  • Antilife Shell is a 6th level spell which creates a hemisphere which is impenetrable to all living things.

Trivia Edit

  • Red Means Stop is the second strip referring to street light colors, following Green Means Go and preceeding Yellow Means Caution.
  • Thog never said the exact phase, "Talky man talk too much." He began calling Roy "Talky-man" in #48. The closest he gets to this phrase might be between #795 and #796, where he says, "Talky-man broke thog's tusk! Stop talking!"

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