Durkon is returned to flesh and the council are freed from vampire control.



Panel 1

Janna: A one and a two and a three and—

Panel 2

Janna and Thirden: FREEDOM!

Panel 3

Durkon stands, petrified.

Panel 4

His color begins to lighten from stone to flesh

Panel 5

Durkon returns to flesh.
Durkon: Whoa!

Panel 6

Durkon: Whuh—Wha happen'd? Did it work? Tha hammer—
Sigdi: Aye, tha hammer work'd like a charm. Well, on the trip back, down, at least.

Panel 7

Durkon: Was anyone hurt? Any o' tha councilors?
Sigid: Thar all fine. My sweet Tenrin couldnae've aimed a fallin' rock any better.
Thirden: Half of them are better off, in fact.

Panel 8

Flash back to the council chamber, Janna sings to the councilors.
Thirden (inset): Once the Speaker suspended the meeting, Janna and I took turns breaking all the dominations.

Panel 9

Janna: I can't believe you go yourself petrified on purpose! That was so brave!
Thirden: I'm just glad we were able to break you free. Since the meeting isn't technically adjourned, the spell wasn't about to end on its own!

Panel 10

Durkon: OK, but…why'd ye lug me back 'ere b'fore de-stonin' me?
Janna: Oh, your human friend said it would make a better chapter break if we were already back at the temple.
Thirden: Sigdi never mentioned that you were travelling with a certified bardic genius!
Elan: I do what I can in an environment hostile to the performing arts.

D&D Context Edit

  • Thirden and Janna use their bardic Song of Freedom ability multiple times here to first release Durkon from the petrification enchantment, and then the Elders and others from the vampiric domination.


  • Thirden and Janna's Song of Freedom takes a 60's counterculture motif, as compared to Elan's use of the ability which takes on a more Country Music tone.
  • This is the latest appearance of:
    • Clan Whiterock Elder, and Clan Whiterock guards, as well as the Council of Clans guard with grey beard, first appearing in #1155.
    • Clans Coalshoulder, Irongoblet, and Ironthumb Elders, and the Clan Elder that Drools, first appearing in #1168.

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