Oooo... Better bolt everything down when Haley's around - she's a ROGUE!
  Haley Starshine  

The Rogue is a melee class that is often taken by thieves or scoundrels in a group. They are known for getting more skill points than any other base class and for their Sneak Attack ability. They generally don't get as many hit points as the other melee classes, like Fighter, Paladin, and Barbarian.

Sneak AttackEdit


Haley Sneak Attacks Miko.

The somewhat misnamed Sneak Attack ability allows the Rogue to deal extra damage when they catch an opponent unable to defend themselves. This ability can activate when the Rogue attacks before the opponent attacks, if the Rogue attacks an opponent that is pinned down, when the Rogue attacks an opponent that is flanked or numerous other situations.

The Sneak Attack ability is mentioned in Comic 18, Comic 100, Comic 165, Comic 200, and Comic 214.



Haley avoids a Chimera's breath attack with Evasion while Belkar and Elan get toasted.

The Evasion ability allows the Rogue to completely dodge a magical attack with a successful Reflex save. Normally a character can only reduce the damage by half with a Reflex save.

The Evasion ability is mentioned in Comic 19 and Comic 200.

Trap SenseEdit


Haley avoids a trap while Roy is too slow.

Rogues can react to traps faster than other classes with their Trap Sense ability, giving them a better chance to avoid traps that are set off.

The Trap Sense ability is mentioned in Comic 98.


Rogues can use their Search skill to look for traps that are especially well hidden. Normal characters can find traps, but not above a certain level.

The Trapfinding ability is mentioned in Comic 35 and Comic 36.

Characters in Order of the Stick with levels in RogueEdit

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