The number of Hel's minions in the world (outside the Godsmoot) is reduced to one.



Panel 1

Lord Speaker: Not to sound ungrateful…for…whatever that was…but can someone explain to me exactly what is going on here?
Lord Speaker: Who are you people?
Minrah: Uhh…

Panel 2

Logann: I can explain, Lord Speaker.
Lord Speaker: Captain Brightstone?

Panel 3

Logann: These people are my family, and what's going on here is an attempt by the goddess Hel herself to sabotage this council.
Lord Speaker: *gasp!*
Amyth: Wait, does anyone hear that noise?

Panel 4

"sklurtch!" Belkar stabs the worm. "SLASH!" Roy slashes the worm. "poke!" Elan stabs the worm. "THUNK! THUNK! THUNK! THUNK!" The worm gets hit by arrows.
Giant Death Worm: glllarrraaggh!

Panel 5

Giant Death Worm: Ulkay, ahm…Ahm jus feelin rully pesucutud righ now…
Giant Death Worm: …so ahm gonna…tek a nap.

Panel 6

Belkar: So…did we kill it, or what?
Roy: I don't know. It doesn't have eyes to have X's in.

Panel 7

The creature disappears in a puff of purple smoke, "FOOF!"
Belkar: Blagh!

Panel 8

Roy: OK, I officially declare that "good enough."
Elan: Adequacy achieved!

Panel 9

Hilgya Firehelm sees tendrils of a gaseous form pass over her

Panel 10

Vampire Dwarf with Blue Curly Hair: Not again, not again, not again!

Panel 11

Hel: Don't look at me like that! I still have one left!
Loki: You'd think a goddess of death would have better instincts about when to pull the plug.

D&D Context Edit

  • In panel 4, Vaarsuvius appears to cast Scorching Ray from off-panel. This is a 2nd level spell which maxes out at three rays at 11th level, dealing 4d6 fire damage per ray.
  • Also in panel 4, Haley uses the Manyshot feat to fire four arrows at once.
  • The last surviving vampire escaped using her ability to assume gaseous form.


  • The vampire dwarf with blue curly hair previously fled the Order in gaseous form in #1105, "Out of the Box, Into the Fire".
  • This is the first time Logann's surname is used. None of his other family members have been given names.
  • This is the final appearance of the Giant Death Worm from #1158.
  • This is the latest appearance of:
    • The Vampire Dwarf With Blue Curly Hair, first appearing in #1101, and appearing in twenty strips overall.
    • Shirra's twins first appearing in #1086.
    • The Lord Speaker, first appearing in #1168.

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