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Serini Toormuck
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Serini Toormuck is a female Halfling rogue. Sixty-five years ago she was a companion of Soon Kim's team with Dorukan to locate the Snarl's rifts. She was also a friend of Lirian, Girard, Soon and Kraagor. Together they were known as the Order of the Scribble.


She was the one who proposed that the team be split and each one of the 5 survivors guard a respective Gate, and that none of them seek to contact the others ever again. Rather than guard the gate herself, however, she designed defenses to honor the late companion Kraagor's philosophy of strength as the ultimate weapon, and continued adventuring on her own. (Though unsurprisingly as a rogue, the monster-filled tunnel-complex she builds is also set up so none of the many "entrances" actually lead directly to the Gate.) According to a prerecorded message found by the Order of The Stick, she also broke her promise to never contact the others by staying in contact with Girard Draketooth. (Her diary heavily implies that she was attracted to him, though nothing seems to have come of it.)[5]

Sometime after the break-up of the Order of the Scribble and Xykon becoming a lich, Xykon found and grievously wounded Serini. She lost her left leg, left arm, and half her face. Xykon took her diary and left her for dead. She was saved by her friendship with a nearby village of trolls, who healed her with their blood. Her regenerated leg, arm, and face resemble troll flesh, though her halfling foot hair regrew on her left foot.[4]

Xykon stored her diary in his library in the Southern Mountains; with the information therein he was able to locate Dorukan's Gate and eventually the other three gates. She was also the only one to whom Girard entrusted the true coordinates of his gate.

Current Activities[]

Serini is the only surviving member of the Order of the Scribble. Soon is confirmed dead after being released as an Oathspirit, Kraagor and his soul were destroyed by the Snarl, and Girard is confirmed dead, while Dorukan and Lirian are dead and their souls are imprisoned by Xykon.

Just prior to the Godsmoot, Vaarsuvius attempted to contact her via Sending.[6] There was no response, but the attempt means that at least V believes there is some chance she is still alive.

She is currently active in protecting Kraagor's Gate. She captures O-Chul and Lien with the assistance of her Beholder minion/"child" Sunny and prepares to memory wipe them so they will report back that they found nothing.[7] She makes enough amnesia potion for the Order and teleports out of her lair, location unknown, to confront them.

She lures the Order into her trap inside the Gate tunnel-complex using an ensorcelled Elan as bait, and seals the trap-chamber with another minion, a Mimic named Mimi. Shutting off any light sources and using Sunny's antimagic powers leaves the Order at a severe disadvantage, and after incapacitating Roy with some of her darts, Serini takes a moment to do a little sarcastic gloating.[8] After being pinned down by Haley, she escapes after Franklin the pericer attacks Haley. She has Sunny disintegrate a hole in the wall in order to escape and is pursued by Haley, V, and Belkar.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Epic Rogue: Serini's rogue class level had advanced to the low epic range.
  • Potion Making: She is able to create sleeping and amnesia potions. It is unclear if this ability is due to having multiclassed into spellcasting or crafting class levels or if it is purely through the Magic Instant Pot (see Weapons and Equipment, below)
  • Troll Blood Graft: After the loss of her limbs and disfigurement of her face she was healed by trolls. The regenerated body parts appear troll-like. It is unknown if these grafted tissues regenerate themselves or provide the regenerate ability to her.
  • It's probably not a formal power as such, but she's proven very good at befriending species that adventurers normally fight, including as noted Trolls, along with a young Beholder (whom she has apparently raised as her child) and a Mimic. She has also befreinded a Piercer named Franklin.

Weapons and Equipment[]

  • Magic Instant Pot: Serini possess a pot inscribed with runes on the side which read "Magic Instant Pot". It is in this vessel that she prepared an amnesia potion. Whether this item is capable of enchanting potions on its own or if she has that ability is unknown.
  • Short Bow: Her preferred weapon in the old days was the short bow.
  • Darts: She uses various darts applied with sleeping potions to subdue O-Chul and Lien, and later Roy. The sleep poison is likely also made with the Magic Instant Pot.
  • Blow Gun: She uses a blow gun to deliver her poison darts.[9]
  • Extra-long hooded cloak: The cowl hides her face and the cloak is long enough for her to conceal both her and a small step ladder so she appears to be human height or taller.
  • Wand of Teleportation: She uses this to get in and out of her lair, which has no doors.[10]
  • Goggles: The function of these goggles is unknown. They could give her Darkvision.
  • Bandolier: This holds a number of different colored cylinders of unknown material.
  • Hand crossbow
  • Potpourri Sachet: She threw one at Belkar Bitterleaf during her escape in comic #1245. It is currently unknown if she has more of them.
  • Acid Vial: She threw a vial of acid at V and Haley while escaping them. It is unknown whether or not she has more of them.


  • Her last name is misspelled as "Moortuck" in the author commentary for "Utterly Dwarfed".




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