Shattered Expectations
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Comic no. 284
Date published 20 February 2006
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The Verdict was not the Climax.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1, Page 1

Being of Pure Law and Good: —Not Guilty.

Panel 2, Page 1

Roy: Well, guys it's been an honor to work with you, and I guess I may see some of you in whatever afterlife—

Panel 3, Page 1

Roy: ...
Roy: Wait, did he say NOT Guilty?
Elan: Hooray!
Vaarsuvius: Outstanding.
Haley: Zktv?

Panel 4, Page 1

Being of Pure Law and Good: By virtue of it having been strictly necessary at the time, the Order of the Stick is hereby cleared of all charges.

Panel 5, Page 1

Roy: Hmm. Go figure. I had pretty much given upon there being any justice at this farce of a trial, but I guess I was being too cynical.
Haley: Fx, ztbv, vktv aupqbev qxusf'v ntou sufsu. Qtzs qxf'v zxpo vktv ztd.

Panel 6, Page 1

Celia: Wheee! I won! I won my first case!
Roy: Ha ha!
Haley: B'au suuf ukxick xi nd Vkbuaus' Clbwq ipbufqs sufv vx jpbsxf vx ofxz vktv vkbs skxlwq ktau huuf t exfabevbxf.

Panel 7, Page 1

Lord Shojo: Thank you, Being of Pure Law and Good, for your service in this matter. Hinjo, please retrieve the Order of the Stick's weapons. They are free to go.
Hinjo (off-panel): Yes, Lord Shojo.

Panel 8, Page 1

Lord Shojo (off-panel): And Hinjo... Why do I have a piece of paper on my lap that says "Meow"?
Elan: I didn't know if Mr. Scruffy could read Common.

Panel 9, Page 1

Roy: I'm going to make a radical suggestion here and propose that we leave this awful place and never return.
Vaarsuvius: I second your motion.
Haley: Hlv...hlv bv qxusf'v ntou tfd sufsu!

Panel 10, Page 1

Elan: Ummmm, Haley? Are you OK there?
Haley: Fx! B'n fxt XO, vkbs zkxwu vpbtw ntqu FX SUFSU!

Panel 11, Page 1

Haley: Zu ZUPU clbwvd! Bv skxlwq ktau huuf t clbwvd aupqbev! B etf ifqupsvtfq bi vkud ztfvuq vx puqleu vku sufvufeu qlu vx vku ebpelnsvtfeus, hlv bv skxlwq ktau svbww huuf t clbwvd aupqbev.

Panel 12, Page 1

Hinjo begins passing out the Order's weapons to each member.
Elan: I guess you're upset? Did you vote for the other guy?
Haley: Xk, fuaup nbfq, B qxf'v ofxz zkd B'n hxvkupbfs.
Elan: It's tough to tell if you're mad at me. I mean, you LOOK mad, but looks can be deceiving.

Panel 1, Page 2

Lord Shojo: Mr. Greenhilt? Mr. Scruffy would like to have a word with you before you leave.
Roy: Yeah? Well Mr. Scruffy can shove it up his fuzzy little—
Haley: Ztbv-Uwtf, zktv qbq dxl risv std?
Elan: I understand, though. I'm kinda bummed out too. All that time spent on the trial, and what a let down.

Panel 2, Page 2

Elan: I mean, they call that a climax? "Not Guilty, thanks, now leave"?
Haley: Xk nd cxqs, Uwtf! Vktv's bv! Uwtf, dxl'pu t cufbls!
Elan: That's not a climax!

Panel 3, Page 2

Miko smashes through the window, "CEEESH!" and impales Belkar with her katana.

Panel 4, Page 2

Belkar lays on the floor hurt as Miko raises her sword above him, magic visibly emanating from it.
Miko: Time to DIE, evildoer!

Panel 5, Page 2

Elan: Now, see that?
Elan: THAT'S a climax!

D&D Context Edit

  • Common is the basic language of the world.

Trivia Edit

  • The translation of Haley's lines are:
    • Panel 3, Page 1: What?
    • Panel 5, Page 1: No, wait, that verdict doesn't make sense. Daws [sic - Laws] don't work that way.
    • Panel 6, Page 1: I've seen enough of my Thieves' Guild friends sent to prison to know that this should have been a conviction.
    • Panel 9, Page 1: But...but it doesn't make any sense!
    • Panel 10, Page 1: No! I'm noa [sic - not] OK, this whole trial made NO SENSE!
    • Panel 11, Page 1: We WERE guilty! It should have been a guilty verdict! I can understand if they wanted to reduce the sentence due to the circumstances, but it should have still been a guilty verdict.
    • Panel 12, Page 1: Oh, never mind. I don't know why I'm bothering.
    • Panel 1, Page 2: Wait—Elan, what did you just say?
    • Panel 2, Page 2: Oh my gods, Elan! That's it! Elan, you're a genius!
  • Note that the encryption key to Haley's cryptograms in this strip is "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog", with repeated letters removed.
  • In the previous strip, Elan was encouraged by Roy to "vote" for who he wanted to win the trial by slipping a note to Mr. Scruffy.
  • This is the final appearance of the four priests who summoned the Being of Pure Law and Good: Azurite Priest with Black Hair, Azureite Priest with Blue Beard, Azurite Priestess, and Azurite Priest with Mustache. The former two first appeared in #267, while the latter two first appeared in #283.

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